Friday, 1 February 2013

Eagle Cap Extreme Questions - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

During our lull in the exciting Eagle Cap Extreme Race last week or so, I asked if anybodies had any questions, and hoo boy did you have questions!!!

Ok, so here we go!!

Pat Hanson Why is the sky blue, and the snow white, except when it is yellow?

Well Pat, that's an interesting question.  In regard to the blue sky, that would depend on whether you favor the theory of the Tyndall effect or Rayleigh scattering, but actually it was Einstein in 1911 that confirmed the molecules are able to scatter light because the electromagnetic field of light waves induces electric dipole moments in molecules, thus the red, green, blue wavelengths that the human eye can see causes us to discern the sky as blue... I'm color blind so it's just grey to me, but whatever.  The snow is white where there are no dogs.

Ashley Banks How did the kennel name North Wapiti come about?

Beats me, ask the Musher.

Pam Schweitzer How is Tramp doing, being left behind? Is she quietly behaving herself?

No, she yammered the whole time

April Peters want to learn to sled how does one go about teaching dogs to pull a sled and not run you into a tree?

They learn from the old timers. They get hooked up in a team and learn from all of the other experienced Pretty Curly Tails. They are also trained to only run Briffany into trees

Cheryl Suckling So, Bet, how often do you get to ride in the sled?

I don't like the sled, it doesn't have a heater

Kevin McIntosh I thought Angelique Helvey Ram only had three dogs does she barrow dogs from someone else to race

Angelique Helvey Ram I own one dog and she finished ECX with me. The rest were Liz Iditarod'sLittlestmusher Parrish.

Eriansky Siberian Huskies What do you feed to keep weight on the dogs and keep there energy up ?
We feed the Pretty Curly Tails Eagle Pack Dog food!  Eagle Pack, the official sponsor of North Wapiti Pretty Curly Tails!


Kevin McIntosh What do the dogs eat on the race it looks like meat soup

It is meat soup, and here is a wonderful blog post that Richard did that explains all about the soup!
And another blog post from the Musher that explains her checkpoint routine

Elizabeth Fox R some dogs good pullers but get too upset with the noise at the checkpoints.

Yep, Tess is an awesome lead dog, but she hates crowds of people and noises and stuffs and things.

Bonnie Lundberg Bet, are they allowing YOU the famous "BET" to attend the banquet on Saturday nite? Hope so! Did the kids know they needed a banner for you? Someone needs to tell them

I didn't attend the banquet because I had a prior commitment with my fans.  I was able to soak up plenty of love after the team left the starting gate, and yes everybodies, I am that small, no I'm not a cat, yes, I'm a normal size, and yes, yes, I'll have some business cards for peoples later.

Anke Frerichs-Hemp Why are you that far, far away from here?

Um... that's where the race was?

Mary Sangrey Any new PCT puppies planned for spring yet? And, just a little concerned about how Tramp is spending her time since she's not racing. We all know about Boo. Will this spring be the TrampWho litter?

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  We had Tramp fitted with a chastity belt.

Susie Strachan Does Bet ever get to run on the gangline? We think she'd make an awesome leader. Razzie & Dina.

Once, only because Richard asked me to.  Never again!  That sled thing is HEAVY!

Jacci Taylor how many waffles have you eaten in one sitting???


Bryan Sisk How do u train a dog to learn gee and haw

We put the North Wapiti Gee/Haw mittens on their front paws, and from there it's easy.  Ok, actually it's like any other training, they run with experienced Pretty Curly Tails and get the idea eventually.

Becky Schipper Can I come live in the kennels with the pretty curly tails?

Well Becky, it gets awfully cold out in the kennels, and you'll only get soup for meals, and you'll be expected to pull the sled, but hey, if you want to live in the dog yard...

Karen Watts Nikischin Where does the white go when the snow melts? And where is the next race?

The white melts into the earth and provide nutrients to the plants... the next race is the exciting Canadian Challenge!!!

Gale Browning How old are the pups when they start pulling sleds and how far do they go per day for the first few months of training?

Beats me, ask the Musher.

Gina Marie Baglieri Fernandez So Bet, is "Bet" short for something?

It is short for "Bet"

Ann Nunweiler Dowless Can older huskies learn to pull a sled, or do they have to start at a young age?

I personally know plenty of old dogs that can learn new tricks.  Like any sport, you have to train them slowly so they don't hurt themselves, but generally any dog can learn something new... of course that doesn't mean they'll LIKE pulling things. I happen to know a few huskies that refuse to pull things and would rather lay on the couch.

Tonya Pulver When can I come play with your gang?

Sure, but you will also have to scoop poo, and work

Bryan Sisk I was wondering what type truck u us I looks great and how modified is it. Also if you can't afford a truck like that do u suggest a trailer

Um... the Musher will have to answer that one, I don't know nuthin bout no trucks.

Susan Westwood What is the best way to keep warm out on the trail? How many layers do you wear?

The Musher prefers to set her pants on fire.

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