Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Canadian Challenge Line Up - Bet

Howdy ho everybodies, are you ready for some mushing?????

Things are moving very quickly and we've been busy, busy, busy!!!

First off we had to pick Richard up from the airport and we were just a bit concerned that the pesky asteroid was going to swoop in and do bad things, but it didn't, thanks to the state of the art anti-asteroid defense system that the Canadian Army utilizes!

We have nothing to fear with our defense forces always at the ready!!

Since he had such a long flight, he was cold and exhausted, so I made sure to keep him warm and in the truck by curling up on his lap for the entire ride home... didn't want him to escape or anything.  I have Cricket guarding him until we leave for the Canadian Challenge.

He packed light for the trip

Then we had to get him back on the sled to see if he remembered how to mush

 Yep, he's still got it!  It's like he's never left... especially since he's wearing the same outfit.

 Anyhooo!!! Since I named this post the Canadian Challenge Line Up, you're probably wondering which Pretty Curly Tails will be on the team, right???


That's better... ok, here's the team!!!


Sponsored by: Marlene and Doug Daniels who are thrilled that See has turned into an outstanding leader! Go See!!



Sponsored by:  Tammy Taylor


Barbara and Jerry Lake, Hampton, TN proudly sponsor Wifi again in 2013.


Sponsored by: Joli Jurcak: GTG - Love following this rising star!


Irving is sponsored by Kim and Dave Lavsa


Sponsored by: Marlene Daniels who is proud of how well "her girl" Tess did in Iditarod 2012, often running single lead.


Sponsored by: Mary, Greg, and the Halvorson Huskies

 (His mantra for the trip is "Chicks dig race finishers")


Astro is sponsored by Dana Joyner


Sponsored by:  Deb Bok


Turtle is sponsored by
Kathryn & Pete Trussell, Frank & Paula Langenstein


Sponsored by: Deb Custer


Molly is supported by the Friends of SOS-SRF: Kris Biagiotti, Barbara Branham, Cheryl Dawson, Ursula Rempel, Sandy Stealey, Mary Ann Strock and Rita Young-Jones. Wishing Molly good luck in this year's racing season.

 This is Molly's first race!!!

 That's it for now peoples, I'll be reporting on the road!

- Bet


Unknown said...

These are all really nice looking dogs. Hopefully they will "do their thing" really well.
Best of luck.

Joli said...