Sunday, 10 February 2013

Spa Day!!!

Training is starting to 'wind down' for the season. The dogs had a hard push last week and now I will scale back their runs a bit to pick up attitude and speed prior to the start of the Canadian Challenge in 9 days.
Today was 'Spa Day' for the main string - toenails trimmed, pads checked and just an over all check over.

Hairy toes!

Everyone was 'pretty' good and seemed to enjoy the extra one on one attention!

Trampie asks Simone whether she thinks she should go for a French manicure or just a nice shade of pink on her nails!

 In the end she settled on 'Sled Dog Chic'!

 Okay, not EVERYONE was good.....

 Molly had a few complaints and didn't leave us a tip....

...but in the end she 'forgave us'.
and Rocky....well should hang your head in shame. What a big BABY!!!

These new rookies are SO dramatic, says Crunch!!

Lots of snuggles were given out...

...and virtually no problems were found!!! =)

Everyone celebrated with fish....

 ... Okay, Simone and I celebrated with Chocolate Zucchini cake and coffee!!

The dogs didn't want to share their fish!!!


Pat - back in MN said...

You don't ever cut the hair on their feet, do you? Seems like the hair helps keep the snow from getting in there.

Karen Ramstead said...

Actually, the long hair can cause snowballing, so on dogs that get ALOT of toe hair, I do sometimes trim.

Shirly said...

Well Karen did Crunchie get at least a fish?? I am sure he would like to be going too. I think whoever is annonymous wants to advertise their stuff unfortunately. I was waiting to see what you said as I know what long hair does on the feet and feet are so important for sled dogs. I hope you and the dogs have a great time at this next race and do well. When Bet mentioned Richard are you running two teams?? My dogs are yelling so I must run see the problem.

Tonja said...

This is cool!