Sunday, 24 February 2013

Until Next Time - Simone

    A few impressive moments a NorthWapiti handler would like to share with all of you before packing my suitcase full of exciting memories!

    I had the opportunity to go to Oregon for the Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race! It was an awesome experience. The drive itself, all the handling stuff, the exciting race, the time after Karen left, the snowshoe hike, the shopping part and and and…. Thanks for having Helen and me around, Karen  – we were having a blast!!

·      Helen and I finally got to meet – thank you for everything! It was such a cool week in Oregon, I was having so much fun! You are awesome, don’t ever forget that!

·       Back home, I spent much time with the older dogs. I used to open up the gates between their two pens so they could have some playtime for a bit. They enjoyed it very much!

·      Moses and Olena – a romantic love story that can’t be told – 
it can only be seen!

·      Oh, cutting toe nails – part of my job as being a handler too..

·      I LOVE pancakes!! I sure was a very happy girl that morning!

·      It was time for the puppies to leave their pens and get out on a chain to the big dogs – after a few escapes they all settled in fine!

 ·    Sky and Daddy are moving up to Alaska to a new home, so I got them used to staying in a crate - I hope they’re comfortable now. If not, I'm sure Karen will let me know if they bother her too much while driving.

·      Cricket, Crunchie and I waiting for Karens team to pull into the yard and make sure that we have the soup ready for them.

·      Giving and getting lots of kisses and snuggles – one of the hardest jobs to do here at NorthWapiti!

·      Bet, thanks for being the warm, fluffy pillow on the long drive down to the race. And of course your blogs – honestly, what would we do without them?

·      For the very first time I was out running at night! What an experience! Shutting of the headlamp for the last stretch into the yard and watching 6 shadows pulling me under a billion of stars – unforgettable!!

·      Wonder – my constant companion for the last few weeks. I know you enjoyed the jogging runs as much as I did. Even though you seemed to disappear for a good amount of time on the trails – I knew you were always around! Wonderific – the perfect name for you, my dear!

·      And there’s always puppytime… A lot of playing and just goofing around – 
we just loved it!

·      The fact I’m most proud of – Karen gave me the chance to run young Missy (Mollys sister) in lead! I had her out on her very first run ever in lead. She ran next to retired-superstar-leader Jinx! I was very impressed… From that moment on, there weren’t many runs where she hasn’t been running up front in my team! Missymissy, I know you’re going to be a rockstar in the upcoming seasons – you’re a very special gal – all the best from a very proud handler!

·     To run those incredible dogs is just an honor for every handler. Having the chance to run Jinx, Dasher, Olena – just to name a few Iditarod finisher – thank you Karen, for trusting me with your best friends! It means a whole lot to me!!

 Ohh and Bait?! - stay safe!!!

 Once again, it's time to turn off the light and say goodbye - until next time.......!

Love, Simone (the falling off things handler)


Diana said...

What a lovely way to say goodbye and to let us know what a joy being a handler can be. So glad you had a great visit. So, as you say, until next time.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHHH Simone, you had the chance to live my dream!!! That was a wonderful blog tribute to your "excelent handler" experience. God bless you on your next journey & you will be missed!! Hugs, Lisa(Sitka's mom) & Sitka (Cols.OH ones)