Saturday, 2 February 2013

Watch and Learn!!!

It seems that more and more these days there is a 'plain' looking little grey dog in the front of my team. I don't seem to take a lot of pictures of her or talk about her a lot, but more and more she is leading my teams.
In fact, on the recent Eagle Cap Extreme, she led for all but about 5 miles.

Who is this dog you ask???


Yup, NorthWapiti's BooKoo. She is a pretty little gal, has a fun personality and is very serious about her job.

This morning Simone and I were going to take out a couple teams and put in some of the trails that have been filled in during our latest episode of 'Sno-mageden'. I decided it was time Boo took some advanced leading classes.

Who better to teach this class than recently retired Jinxie?

 "Watch and learn"

"I know it is scary, but just do what I do and you'll be fine".

We started off with some of the trails that were already broken in.....

Then moved onto some tougher stuff...

...and then onto the 'masters class'...

Well Jinx??? Did she pass???

"Yeah, she'll do"

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pics of the dogs & allyour snow!! Boo is just adorable & Jinxie, you are just the best. Way to teach that little Boo how to lead. Karen, I just love all those fluffy tales you get to see!!Sitka's Mom Lisa(Cols OH)