Monday, 25 March 2013

Getting FAT!!!!

In the process of getting 'unfat' (or less fat) I have spent a lot of time on the back of a bike. In fact, I've become rather addicted to biking. My 'stable' of bikes is now up to 3 (shhh - don't tell Mark though. I bought a road bike for some adventures I have planned this summer and don't think I've mentioned that to him yet!!! If you are reading this Honey, it was with 'my portion' of my Canadian Challenge prize money!! =) =) )

If the bike number ever goes up again, this will be the addition ....

... a Fat Bike!!!!

But for now, when my winters are still mostly consumed by dogs, I'm happy to borrow one for a day of fun in the snow!!!!

My chosen trail for the day - the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.

All this is basically within the city limits of Anchorage! Lots of other bikers, walkers, skiers, and dog walkers on the trail! Very cool.

My attempt at a self portrait. Didn't work too well. BTW - note the Skhoop. It worked really nice for biking over a pair of tights!

Downtown Anchorage is off on the right. The cliff down to the ocean is a big one, though it doesn't seem so in the picture!

A bit of singletrack.

There was a HUGE 'murder' of ravens playing in the drafts off the cliffs.

I stopped at the end of the Anchorage airport run way. Was cool to watch the big planes taking off.

In case I've never mentioned it, I LOVE ravens!

I spent about a half hour sitting beside this cliff watching the tide come in, ravens playing in the wind and planes taking off. It was really cool!!

A 'urban moose'. Her calf was actually sleeping a bit behind her too!

Some brave overwintering ducks!

My ride for the day - a Surly Pugsley

Loved this sign at West Chester Lagoon.

It was just terrific to get out and sweat a bit - it's been too long since I have!

Big thanks to Erica and Billy from Arctic Cycles for loaning me the Pugsley for the day. Billie is currently biking his way to Fairbanks - from Anchorage via Nome! You can follow his adventure on Facebook

Go Billy!!!


Shirly said...

Very nice pictures Karen, brings Alaska a little closer

AK Michele RN said...

Ohhh, LOVE IT! I've been there... more than once, makes me miss home in Alaska, sooooo very much, THANK YOU for SHARING this! Lovely images :)

Michele... An Alaskan in the Midwest