Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Today's the day.... - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!


Please disregard my grumpy post on the Facebooks. I am all pouty because my Musher and BFF is not home yet from the judgey thingy in Alaska.

But the Minions bribed me with promises of a  fabulous new ensemble if I did a nicey nice blog for the Cartoonist's birthday today. I capitulated...or catapulted...or something. Anyhoo, I gave in.  So without further a-choo.....

For the Cartoonist's birthday, I decided to do some special stuffs....and things in her honor, so I made these waffles. They're know, from Belgia. I ate them since she hasn't shown up for the party.

Then I tried to buy her favorite "adult beverage", but it was SOLD OUT! Who drinks this swill anyway??  Sheesh.


OK, so those birthday surprises did not work out too good......Hmmmm, how about I draw her a nice bath? It would be like a spa day. Oopsie! I forgot I can't "draw" her in the tub--no thumbs. She'll just have to imagine how nice and relaxing it was for my crampy toes..........zzzzzz.

Peoples, I know you are not going to believe this but the Cartoonist and I have never met "in the fur". But I picture her as a warm and fuzzy critter who wears fabulous ensembles (just like me)!  Can anyone confirm that this is her?

SHE'S MY HERO (I just LOVE the gold cummerbund and cuffs!)
To wrap up the fabulicious celebration, let's all sing Happy Birthday to my other BFF, the Cartoonist! I'm positive she'll appreciate having this song in her head all day long!  "Happy Birthday two ewes, Happy ...... "



NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Happy Gotcha Day to 'The Cartoonist' -

She's getting old - but she's still not as old as my servant -

Waffles For All!

The Thundering Herd said...

Bet, I think she will really appreciate this post.

Happy Birthday, Cartoonist!

Anonymous said...


Jenny Glen said...

PENNY! Happy b-day to my favorite "artiste"!