Friday, 8 March 2013

Meanwhile Back At North Wapiti - Bet

While the Musher is busy judging at Shageluk, we are all holding down the fort here at North Wapiti, but frankly its been a bit rough.

First off, Briffany has come down with a flu, cold, thingy and has been swigging more Nyquil than the Nyquil swigging Cartoonist... if you can believe that!

On top of that, the wonderfully fluffy fluffy fleecy soft snow melted a bit... and then froze.

It's like an ice skating rink around here.  You can't go anywhere without sliding all over the place.

Briffany has more work to do because all of the Pretty Curly Tails are taking advantage of the slippery surfaces to hold the 1st annual North Wapiti Curling challenge with their bowls

Charge's bowl is always over near Irving, then she gets in the way of the sweepers, there was a technicality call when one bowl went into Tramp's house and nobody wanted to go get it.

It also doesn't help that Briffany thought it would be a good idea to navigate through the feedings in ice skates.

Food and Nyquil went everywhere, we had to replace Charge's dog house.

So generally, it's been a real mess around here...

... and this is NOT funny at all!!

- Bet

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