Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sky and Daddy Van Zyle

If you are an Iditarod fan you surely know Jon and Jona Van Zyle.

Jon is the 'official artist' of Iditarod and an Iditarod veteran himself. His work is simply amazing - Jon Van Zyle- I have many treasured pieces hanging in my home!
Jona is a talented artist herself. Her beading is absolutely lovely - Jona Van Zyle 
(I have to admit I ordered a bracelet from her this trip!!)

Their house and dog yard beautifully express their creative natures.

Booties act as 'bedding holders' for the birds!

The melting snow exposes treasures.

A 'side project' to my Iditarod judging trip was to take Sky and Daddy up to their new home with Jon and Jona.

I think 'the kids' have figured out that they scored BIG with this placement!!

Daddy exploring their new play area!

Squeaky Ball Day!

Daddy getting some loving from his new Dad!!


Sky and Jona!

"This ROCKS!!!"

They haven't figured the wheel out yet - but I'm sure they will!!!
I have always been pleased to know the Van Zyle's and have them for friends (and sponsors!!!) but even more pleased to have them as 'family'!!!!

One day I'll share a picture of the VERY special gift I left their place with this trip!!!

Love you Jon and Jona!!!


SAY said...

Such beautiful dogs in a beautiful place with such nice people. Couldn't be better. I'm sure they will miss you for a couple of hours though. :)

Barbara said...

Did you trade dogs with them? :)

The Dancing Donkey said...

It's so nice to see a group of working dogs who also get to have such fun and are clearly well loved. Thanks for sharing these. And that!