Friday, 1 March 2013

What The Heck is Going On! - Bet

Howdy ho everybodies!

I apologize for just dropping out and not performing my dutiful Roving Border Collie Reporting this past week, but honestly it was such a whirlwind, confusing, what the heck is going on kinda thing that I'm just now getting my equilibrium back!

When we last left off, we were all doing the major happy dance of joy when the Musher and the Pretty Curly Tails finished second in the Canadian Challenge racey thing!

The next morning was the awards breakfasty breakfast thingie... I was not invited (harumpf) but the Musher and Richard snuck me out some waffles... they were cold... but there's never a bad waffle so nom.

This is where it gets really confusing and hectic and head swimmy, so try to hang on and try to keep up... you may want to take some Dramamine or have a bucket handy.

So, as some of you knew (and for those of you that didn't... I could have swore I told you, but it's all very confusing), the Musher isn't running the Pretty Curly Tails in the Iditarod this year, but she was chosen to be a judge!!  Yep, she gets to herdy the Iditarod peoples and dogs on the trail this year, which is very exciting, don't you think? 

Anyhoo, since the end of the Canadian Challenge was 23 February, and the Iditarod starts on 2 March, and since there's only 28 days in February because it's one of those non-leaping years where there's 29 days in February, which is a shame because most months get extra-extra days while February gets messed with all because those Gregorian peoples didn't plan well enough to give all months the same number of days... or something.

ANYHOO, that only left everybodies with five days to drive back home, get Richard and Simone to the airport, the SUV packed and the Musher drive to Alaska... gulp.

Meanwhile back at North Wapiti, Simone and Musher Mark were holding down the fort and Simone had to get Daddy and Sky use to riding in crates, which isn't like riding in the dog box in that they are inside and all cushy without straw.  Daddy liked the new travel mode.

Hey, this is pretty cushy if you ask me!
 The reason Daddy and Sky were going to the Iditarods is because they are going to live with a friend of the Musher's (I'll let the Musher tell you if she wants).

Simone was also making sure the rest of the Pretty Curly Tails where fed and exercised, but one morning while we were driving home like a bat out of ... fast, she woke up to find that the cabin (that eats handlers) had frozen in the middle of the night and she was trapped... oddly enough.

Her only recourse was to Facebooks Musher Mark and wait for help because she didn't know from Briffany and Richard that when that happened, you just climb out the window.

Since Simone was stuck in the cabin, Bait was forced to take over training duties.

pffft, don't know why people think this is so difficult
Musher Mark finally checked his Facebooks and beat the door free with a hammer... as usual.

Meanwhile back in the truck careening down the roads at break neck speeds (urp) we made it back to our neighborhood and dropped Richard off at the airport.

Zoomed back to North Wapiti, unloaded all of the Pretty Curly Tails and Briffany got them settled, the Musher packed her Iditarod judging stuffs and things, crammed Simone, Sky, and Daddy in the SUV and dropped Simone off at the airport

Then the Musher drove like a bat out of... quickly to Alaska... of course stopping at her favorite place to relax and unwind...

She apparently had the Lard Hot Springs all to herself this time... well, honestly that isn't surprising since who, in their right mind, wants to relax while immersed in hot lard?  Seriously?  Wouldn't that be all greasy and smelly?  Who wants to soak in hot lard like some potato chip thing?

Oh... wait, it's called the Liard Hot Springs... well, ok then, that would be relaxing!

After her marathon speed driving, the Musher did arrive in plenty of time to visit some friends, hit the Starbucks (a few zillion times) and get to the first part of the Iditarod experience in the nick of time.

The Musher admits that it is a bit strange being on THAT side of the table, and not on the other side with all of the participants.  She has to keep reminding herself that she's not there to run the race.

As for me...

I'm actually a bit relieved to be home after all of that hullabalooo!

- Bet


Shirly said...

That was a great blog Bet and I liked all the pictures. Good Girl.

SAY said...

Fan tab' bu lous recount. I wonder if there is some kind of rule about what the Judges can say about the race. The Iditarod has a lot of rules, but will look forward to whatever Karen can tell us.

Tang said...

Too bad the Musher didn't take you to the open houses and all the goings on....I would complain....Not to mention the ceremonial start...but then, I didn't get to go either....much...but I snuck some food off of the table at one of the open houses....a nice piece of cake..