Monday, 20 May 2013

Filling Buckets

I don't mind doing kennel chores at all. Sometimes, when times are busy I mind the time they take, but always when I get out into the dog yard and start the work, I am happy to be outside with the dogs.
If the dogs and I took a vote though, our favorite chore would be scrubbing, rinsing and filling water buckets.

 "Why?", you ask.

Well, although I spend time messing with dogs while picking up bowls, scooping and otherwise meandering through the yard, the length of time varies. When I'm filling buckets each dog knows I am in their area and they have my undivided attention when I'm filling their bucket.

They all have different things they wish to do with their 'Mom Time'.

Some squish under my arm for snuggles...

 ....some want belly rubs....

 ....some want to play silly games.


 A few just want to wash my face...



Then there are the storytellers....
Trooper (I think he is trying to explain that bad hairdo!)

And the ones with grievences to air.


Some prefer ear scratches...


....some want their fur plucked...


Neo just wanted portraits with Mom (which didn't work out so well)!

He ended up just going for a 'selfie'.

...and a bunch just want to 'smoosh'....





...and one was too wrapped up wondering what my silly Border Collie and Mark's Stupid Cat were up to to pay too much attention to me!

Got to admit Vader, I was wondering myself.....


Lloyd said...

Doesn't the dog roll in the dirt and the cat sniff out small things to catch? Vader sounds like our 4 year old boy, also Vada, or Bug, which was shortened from Buggar cause he can be a right little one most of the time and up to no good! And yes, he response to Bug, if he wants to listen, which is not to often!

Christina Agans said...

Love it! You get just the right comment with each picture!!