Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Winter Chick

My love affair with winter started young.

I think I was skiing almost before I could walk. I was tackling 'black diamond' runs with my (very overprotective, so you know I had to be good!!) Dad when I was 12 or 13. I remember one winter when we lived in Calgary heading to Sunshine Village or Lake Louise in Banff National Park with my family every weekend from Christmas till May 24th.

I've snowshoed, cross-country skied, learned to throw a mean snowball, built snowmen, ice skated, slid down hills at breakneck speeds on toboggans, and done just about everything else you can do in the winter.
We briefly 'broke up' in my late teens/early twenties when I lived, ate and breathed horses, but then in early 1989 I discovered sled dogs and our affair was back on.

Since then I have celebrated the season, eagerly awaiting its arrival every year and mourning its passing.

I've moaned and whined when it arrived late or left too early.

I've dealt with winter at its worst - snow blowing so hard you can barely see your hand in front of your face, -60F temperatures, and excessive amounts of snow - and still loved it.

I am a Winter Chick!!!!! is MAY 1st this morning.

Winter, you need to leave!!!!!

You have officially overstayed your welcome - even from me.

A good, healthy relationship has some space for the individuals in it. Give me some space.

Come October I will welcome you back with open arms - I promise!!!! But right now, you need to go!!!

If you really love me, you will do this for me.


Anonymous said...

We are TOTALLY in agreement!!!!

Dressintg up the dog in it's winter gear for a walk around the block and me in my winter gear on the coldest day ever recorded for Apr 29 is just way too much!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

I too am a winter girl :-).

Lauri said...

I saw Nathan Fillion's tweet this morning & thought of you.
"Dear Edmonton Weather, So, April in like a lion, out like a meaner, shittier lion?"

Jenny Glen said...

I am NOT a winter chick, but I admire those who are - I always wanted to be but there is that cold thing...
I went South this week to Missouri and expected warmth and what do I get? More snow and cold!