Friday, 29 November 2013

Black Friday Shopping - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

It's your favorite consumer specialista Border Collie here!

Heather Minion threatened asked me to remind everybodies of the cool stuffs and things we have going on that you need to take advantage of NOW!  RIGHT NOW!!!!

Instead of going to the stores and standing in line and dealing with THIS ->

You can sit in the comfort of your cozy warm house and click some buttons and then the mailperson will deliver it to your cozy warm house and you don't have to do hardly ANYTHING to reap the bounty of North Wapiti goodies!  Even better, the money goes to North Wapiti Pretty Curly Tails for the final Iditarod in 2014!!!!

Here's what's going on, and I made easy peasy buttons for everything (and cracked a nail in the process, so I wanna see some clicking for my pain and suffering):

Merchandise stuffs and things


We have HOODIES!!!!  Soft, fleecy, stylish, FABulous hoodies, so go here and order some hoodies for you and for your entire family!  We also just got in some 3XL hoodies, so contact Heather Minion if you want some of those.


We only have a few hats left, so you better get them now!!!  When they're gone, there will be no more and you won't have one and all of us have one, so go get yours now!!!!


What?  You don't have mittens yet?  It's cold out there peoples, you'll freeze your hands off and then where will you be?  With no hands!!!  Don't make me say "I told you so" when your hands freeze off, go get your mittens, and here's a cool picture of turkey mitts from the ultra talented Brandi Williamson fan.


There are only a few of these left, and they're calling your name... can you here them screaming??

You totally need to buy a vest, I mean come on, if you have the hoodie, hat, mittens... throw in a vest and have the entire FASHIONABLE ensemble!

Winter Chicks Water Pouch!!!!!

After all of that button clicking, you're probably thirsty!  Water tastes so much better in your official Winter Chicks Water Pouch, so get get one, they're on sale!!!!!


Oh yeah, you read that right, there's COOK BOOKS and they're SIGNED!!!  ahem... all this screaming hurts my throat.  Anyhooooooo, we have some cook books left over that have all of the Musher's (and fans) tasty recipes and you'll need to eat something soon after all of this excitement, we don't want your blood sugar level to plummet, so go order one, and they're SIGNED for Pete's sake (whoever Pete is, but I'm sure he'd want you to buy one)


Who wouldn't want a one of kind (out of only 250) signed by Mr. Van Zyle and the Musher print that he did JUST FOR US???  I KNOW!!!!  so get over here and pre-order yours, and get one for your good friend, and your family members and total strangers and things.


You going to Anchorage to watch the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails start their final Iditarod in 2014?  Well, then you HAVE to go to the Musher's banquet!! YOU HAVE TO!  That's where the Musher will draw her bib number/starting number!!!  Winners of this auction will have seats either at or very near the Musher so you can meet her, talk to her (she'll even talk back... unless her mouth is full) and get me a doggie bag of food "to go" or something... so remember to bid before the deadline... go here for instructions and rules and stuffs (and things).

Just to make everythings (and everystuffs) easier, I threw buttons up at the top for ALL OF THIS AND MORE, so get clicking!!!!!


Can't find anythings (or anystuffs) here that you want, need, must have?  Seriously?  Well, allrighty then, we have another way that you can help us out while you shop on!!!

Shopping on Amazon? If you are buying something from Amazon, why don't you use the North Wapiti affiliate program!  Just click the Amazon Affiliate link below and do your shopping and North Wapiti will get a commission!  You can shop and help the Pretty Sled Dogs at the same time! Shoppers

Be sure to visit the Book Store
to view Karen's favorites!!

Woot! - Bet

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