Friday, 15 November 2013

This Is Hugey Huge - Bet

Ok everybodies, this is biggie big and hugey huge, so pull up your chair and gaze upon it's brilliance!

The Musher shared some of the work while it was being done, but ya know what???

No, seriously... guess.


Fine!  I'll just tell you!

So, you know how Daddy and Sky went to live with the VERY talented Van Zyle family last year or two... who knows, time flies.  

And you know that the FANTABULOUSLY talented Jon Van Zyle wanted to do a very special picture for the Musher, and there was brainstorming and blah blah'ing and back and forthing, and then ravens got involved, and scenes from the Iditarod and more blah blah'ing and then some sketches and stuffs and things and we kept telling everybodies that it would be done soon....

It's done!

Um... well... ok, I admit, this isn't it.  This is my interpretation of what it looks like... not bad eh?  Of course I discovered that painting things requires baths, so I'm hanging up my easel and leaving the talent to Mr. Van Zyle.

Who did THIS!!!!!

He did THIS just for the Musher!  This is the rare, limited edition, created from the very talented hands of Alaska's Artist: Jon Van Zyle!  He's the artist for the entire STATE of ALASKA peoples!!!!!

It's called "Race Fans".  It has a NAME!!!!  The spiritual ravens guiding the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails through the Iditarod trail to Nome!!!!  How many of you have inspired an artist for an entire state to create such a cool print like this?

The best part of it... he's donating ALL of his proceeds to go to the Musher for her final 2014 Iditarod run!!!!  We are overwhelmed and honored by the Van Zyle family's generosity, kindness, and talent.

So, there are ONLY 250 of these prints and they will be signed by both Jon Van Zyle, and the Musher!!!!!  After they are gone... no more.  NONE, zip, zilch, gone, caput!

So, at the risk of sounding like that Sham Wow guy; get yours while you can!  Operators aren't standing by, you have to order them now through the Bloggity Blog.  There is no additional shipping and handling, just one price pays it all.  They'll be shipped in January, but if you wanted to send one as a gifty gift, Mr. Van Zyle will send the recipient a lovely personal card to tell them it's on its way in January.

How do you get one?  I thought you'd never ask!  Just go here!  Click this link or there's a tab up at the top that will get you there or click on the picture on the right side.

Remember... when they're gone, that's it.  We hope you will want to honor North Wapiti Kennels, the raven spirit, and own a piece of history from the great Jon Van Zyle.



Anonymous said...


And I am just so thrilled about Rocky's recovery.

Diana Miller

Jane said...

Hi Karen, my husband and I met you the first night of the RAGBRAI, camping nearby. You gave me your card, I stuck it in my wallet...and forgot about it until I just found it. Great to be connected.