Thursday, 21 November 2013


As a 'Winter Chick' you would think that I'd have figured out that winter happens around this time every year.

Apparently I haven't though and as the weather turns cooler, frost creeps into the morning, and the nights get longer I am always scrambling around the place trying to get a few chores and projects done!

This year we had one BIG project that we were scrambling to finish up before the first 'real' snow.

A month or so back Mark surprised me with a VERY early Christmas (and likely Birthday) gift - A GREENHOUSE!!!!
You all may not remember the many, many tomato plants that have met their death here in our chilly, heavily treed section of the Tawatinaw River Valley, but trust me MANY have.

I had sworn not to purchase any further tomato plants and resigned myself to trips to the local greenhouse and woody, poor imitations of real tomatoes from the local grocery store.

And then Mark stepped in......

He didn't want to wait till Christmas to surprise me, as we would have to wait till winter made a full retreat before assembling it and that would put me way behind for the season! So that is how we found ourselves (mostly him) scrambling as the snow fell.

Bet's trying out different locations for a Greenhouse Cloud!

Still supervising, even on her 'lunch' break!

There was a substantial break at this period of construction due to some missing pieces in the kit and Mark's work commitments. I was simultaneously praying for winter for the dogs - and hoping it would hold off for the greenhouse to be finished!

Parts in, Mark's schedule clear.....we are underway again!!

 ...and just in time!

TA DA!!!!

And then I got my wish of snow!!!!! SWEET!!!!

A fabulous winter schedule stretching ahead of me - and something WONDERFUL to look forward to in the spring!!!

Life is indeed good!!!


Gateway Sled Dog Club said...

It looks beautiful and magical there in the snow! Here's to a healthy overabundance of tomatoes coming soon!

Karen said...

That is a very cool greenhouse. What company made it?

Dana Joyner said...

Very cool Christmas gift. (Great job Mark...) Can't wait to read about the future greenhouse bounty. Congrats on the fantastically awesome news about The Rock. Treasure every moment with him and give him a big hug and kiss from the PA gang.