Monday, 11 November 2013

Camp Out Time - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies, it's your Roving Border Collie Reporter Bet here!

Does anybodies know what time of year it is?

No... although the stores are playing Christmasy tunes, it's not Santy Claws time.

No.... Thanksgiving is a bit away and besides, we already had that here in Canada in October.

No... it's not my birthday... yet... but if you want to send me gifts, and cake, and waffles, and cupcakes, and shrimp pasta... I'm fine with that. (my real birthday is January 3rd... in case you need to order anything).



Yes, camp out time, it's the time where the Musher takes the Pretty Curly Tails on a nice long run, then stops at the campsite and lets them get use to stopping and hanging out for a while, just like they would do on the Iditarod trail.  Then after a nice lunch and a nap, they all go out for more running, just like they would do on the Iditarod trail.

The purpose of this exercise is to cause me frostbite... I mean, to help the Pretty Curly Tails learn how to relax and rest when there's time to relax and rest.

So, while the Musher runs the Pretty Curly Tails we all get busy and pack the truck up and meet the team at the usual spot.

I ran out on the trail to meet the team as they were coming in.  As their coach, I had to make sure they were running correctly.

Here they come!!!!  Warm up the hotdogs!!!!
As she would do at any Iditarod checkpoint, the Musher made sure the Pretty Curly Tails were checked over for any injury or lameness, then fed, and provided a spot to nap.

Um... hey, you two... REST!  You're suppose to be RESTING! 
As you can see in the picture above, we were out in the middle of nowhere... not a soul in sight... just like the Iditarod (pay no attention to that house).

This was Freya's first camping trip, so I felt compelled to comfort her.  I didn't want her to be scared out here in the middle of nowhere or anything.

Yes, yes, I'll protect you as long as you put my cold feet in your pocket
Once the Pretty Curly Tails were all settled in, like a checkpoint stop, we started the traditional hotdog in the fire ritual.

Three?  There's only three... AGAIN, just like last year.  Seriously?
I was told that they "saved the best for last", but I didn't fall for it last year, nor will I fall for it this year.

You're using me as a plate, aren't you?  I can feel the warmth of the hot dog!
Then we all settled in to warm ourselves by the glow of the fire and enjoy a nice, snowy day out in the middle of practically nowhere.

Ok, seriously?  There's a perfectly good heater in the truck... someone carry me there!
Then for some reason, the Musher was like all "hey Bet, go pose over by the lake at sunset", and I was like all... "can we do that in about 6 months?", but I can't refuse the Musher when she cuddles me.

FINE!  I'll go pose at the lake.
How's this?  What?  You can't see my face... sigh
How's this?  What?  FINE....

There... is that better?  OHFORTHELOVEOF... what sunset?  You can't even see the sun!

Um, hello?  My butt is frozen to the concrete, can someone bring the windshield scraper?

Thankfully Freya unstuck me and got my circulation going again... and gave me a hotdog.

Then it was time for the Musher to take the Pretty Curly Tails out for their after break run.

Just throw everything in the back and get in, I'm leaving in 10 minutes with or without you both!
I just love camping.

- Bet

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Shirly said...

Bet you are too funny I knew what and why the musher was doing that. You are her spoiled girl and poor Rocky is home on your couch!!! Have more fun camping Bet!!