Monday, 16 February 2015

My Birthday - Bear

Yesterday was my birthday.

The house person told me to post something, so I barked really loud, but she said that wasn't posting and would help me.

The busy black cat thing baked me a cake thing.  Said it was a surprise.  There was an orange cat thing in the middle.  It was supposed to jump out and say "Happy Birthday" or something.  I ate it.

Not the orange cat thing.  I'm not allowed to eat the cat things, not even the plump black cat thing that the Man person hangs around with.  This is a shame as they are annoying, but they don't harm the dog sheeps, so they are out of bounds.

I took the night shift as usual.  I guarded the dog sheeps good.  There was a lot of barking and chasing things that tried to get to the dog sheeps.  I was tired.

Cricket told me to take the day off because it was my birthday.  I love Cricket, she taught me how to guard the dog sheeps, and she is afraid of the thunder too.

Hehehehe, she kissed me.  I loves Cricket

So I got to sleep during the day.  I slept in the straw pile near the house... just in case I was needed.  Even though it's my birthday, I need to guard the dog sheeps.

The House Person gave me a fish!

It was a good birthday.  I am five.

- Bear


Nanük said...

Happy birthday Bear!


Anonymous said...

Dear Bear, That is a splendid, wonderful, and great post! Happy Birthday

KiwiHuskyMum said...

Happy birthday Bear! You are a good writer, look out Bet!

KiwiHuskyMum said...
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