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Race to the Sky - The Finish and Other Stuffs and Things - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

In case you weren't keeping track of stuffs and things on the Facebooks (and why weren't you?), the team finished, everybodies is fine, everybodies had fun and there were some good parts, and bad parts, and the bestest part of all was the team finished and the Musher is back (I worry when she's gone).

Since most of what happens during the race from my point of view is pretty much waiting, and waiting, and more waiting, and eating, and waiting, and arranging my ensembles, and then some waiting, and more waiting... I figured I'd post a few pictures that fans and my fantabulous personal assistants took while we were waiting and waiting, and doing some waiting, and before the race, and other stuffs and things.

They are in no order whatsoever, so try not to get dizzy and fall off your chair.  The Musher will do her after race report when we get back home, and I'm sure that will make a lot more sense... or not.

Okey Dokey, so here we go.

Here's the team!  That's Leigh, The Musher, and Julia.  Leigh and Julia have been extra special personal assistants this race, as they actually went out shopping for new ensembles for me before we left the Kennels to make sure that I had stunning and never before seen ensembles.  They went above and beyond the call of duty for me this race, and I really appreciate it!

These are pictures that super fan Anne Trygstad took of everybodies at the vet check thingie.

Yes, I look very serious because it is my duty to ensure the vet checks go well

The Pretty Curly Tails getting ready for vet checks and the race

Turtle getting vet checked

The vet is checking Turtle for tickliness

The color coordinated Musher and Vet 

psssst, Musher.... can I please have a snack before the vet pokes and prods me

Before the start, there's the Musher meeting, where the Musher drew bib #15, then there was some waiting.

The Musher was having a hard time deciding who the final dog on the team was going to be.  I truly thought that I could make a hugey huge contribution in this race, and decided to play "rock, paper, scissors" for the final spot.

Turns out I didn't make the cut... get it... scissors... make the cut...

So, that meant more waiting.

Some braiding

Then I got into my Start ensemble.

Then it was time to start, but they moved the start of the race because... um....

... there was a bit of lack of snow.

So, everybodies had to convoy up to the new start place where there was some snow.

Where we saw this sign and I tried to convince the Musher to just turn this truck around and go back and get a pizza.

At least they said there was snow, and there was... sorta... if you consider slush to be within the snow family.

I can tell you... that stuff when it squishes between your toes... not pleasant.

Wayward was unceremoniously pinned and taped to the sled for good measure

Then at 6pm Montanana time, it was eventually time for the team to start.

They were wearing their stylish and super cool Head-lites (proud sponsor of North Wapiti Kennels).

And just like that... the team left.

At this point, the Moose Gnome had become unbearably annoying, so I took care of that...

So that meant driving back to the hotel to start our waiting and waiting.

My personal assistants had a surprise for me, they arranged a date with Triad, one of Jackie Wepruk's team dogs (he has a leg owie).

He was very nice, and quite a gentleman, but he did hog a lot of the bed.

Don't worry, nothing happened.  I'm loyal to my Pretty Curly Tails (even though he comes from Pretty Curly Tail lines), it was purely an innocent sleep over.

Then we waited, and waited some more, while the Pretty Curly Tails and the Musher made it to the checkpoint for their rest.

The next morning we had breakfast (bacon on waffle), I was wearing my green ensemble.

Then we waited and waited and waited, and then when the team got closer, I got into my finish ensemble.

with matching doggles... of course

Before we knew it, here came the team!


Here's the video!

We all drove back to the hotel, and I took a nap

Yep, that's pretty much what happened.

- Bet

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