Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wednesdays With Jax - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

We're back at North Wapiti Kennels central and getting back into the swing of things.

There's snow.

It's cold.

The Poutines of Anarchy have grown twice their size since we left... or it just seems that way.

I wanted to start a new "thing" called "Wednesdays with..." and invite one of the Pretty Curly Tails in for a bit of coffee, perhaps a snack, and interview them so everybodies out there in the bloggity blogosphere could get a feel for what it's like living on this side of paradise.

Today's special guest was Jax of the Poutines of Anarchy Litter.

Hi Jax!

Hi Auntie Bet!!!!!

Welcome to Wednesdays with Jax!  How do you like the small cloud?

I like it, it's very nice, it's comfy, it's cushy and all that... oooh tail!
Yes, that's your tail... so tell me, what did you and your brothers and sisters do while we were gone?

Ummmm..... we played... and ummmmmmm... itchy ear, itchy ear
That's nice, um... can you look at the camera while we do the interview sweetie?

OOOH what's that up there?  The sky isn't blue up there, and there aren't any birdies...
Um, no, that's because we're in the house now...

House is nice, I like the house, the house is soft and squishy

Is that door made out of a tree?  That's a nice looking tree door.

Um... did you ask me a question?
Ok, since this isn't going very well, let me come over there and interview you, ok.

Ok Auntie Bet come on over
Ok, so what did you... um... what are you doing?
Don't climb on me, I'm trying to interview you!

Were you eating some kind of tasty jerky treats lately?
No, no I wasn't... haven't had... hey I'm interviewing you!
Look at your FABulous collar, where did you get this fabulous collar!
Um... it's my good collar, the kind I wear when I want to feel special and...
I want it, I don't have a collar that nice, can I have it???
You don't have to yell at me Auntie Bet!
I'm sorry Jax Poutine, come back so we can.... ugh... what are you doing now???
There's a toy back there!
I'll give you the toy in a bit, we have to oooooof
I smell jerky treats again Auntie Bet!
Ok, so maybe I had a few jerky treats on the trip back here
They smell so tasty!
Well... um, yeah, they were
Got any more????
No, no sadly they're all gone, there were only a few... dozen... sorta
That's ok, I still love you Auntie Bet
geez... I'll get the Musher to order some more... just don't tell the other Poutines, ok?
Yep, mum's the word Auntie Bet... as long as I get the whole bag!
Sigh... please join us next Wednesday for Wednesdays with just me, laying on my cloud...

Interviewing is very tiring.


Taz said...

Oh Bet. I hope all of your Wednesday interviews are this amusing. You did a spectacular job!

Darrel & Linda Ferguson said...

SASHA wants you to know she got a hot pink collar that looks like Patent leather. The interview was fantastic. I'm glad Jax is so cooperative.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bet, that was a ROTFL interview.
Looking forward to next week's q & a!