Saturday, 14 February 2015

Race to the Sky - Our Trip

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!!

Yes, we are on the road... well, we're actually here, but yesterday we were on the road to Montanana!

The Musher and Pretty Curly Tails are racing to the sky in the Race to the Sky this weekend!

We packed up our gear.  My personal assistants (and handlers) this race time are Leigh and Julia.  They are good personal assistants because they brought me some NEW ensembles and made sure my ensemble bag was packed IN the truck this time (harmpf Lisa Oi).

The Moose Gnome good luck charm is making the drive with us (in case you were wondering what that thing was on the ground in front).

With everybodies and everythings and stuffs packed, we were on the road!!!

... and made it all the way to a Timmy's... sigh... this trip is going to take a while.

We made it to Grandma's house to spend the night, and then off we drove again...

There was driving, some more driving, a lot more driving, and lots of stops at Timmy's and Starbucks... amazingly enough.

Meanwhile, back at the Yukon Quest, "Apprentice" Trail Breaker Musher Mark was doing some awesome trail breaking work and stuffs and things for the mushers and pups at that race.

Here are some fantabulous pictures he took along the Yukon Quest trails so you can see the conditions and the snow and snowy snow and some icy ice and prettiness.

Lots of pretty snow

pretty snow and other trail breakers breaking the pretty snow for the mushers and teams

more trail breaking and pretty snow and a trail marker and a beautiful sunset... or sunrise, or the sun doing something

euuuw, that's not pretty snow, that's oogie icey stuffs and things and water and junk

More Yukon Quest pretty snow and trail breaking

A trail breaker about to put a trail marker on the pretty snow

More broken trail with a pretty sun... set or rise or something
Meanwhile in Montanana

Um... where's the snow?  WHERE'S THE SNOW?????

Even the Pretty Curly Tails are all like "WHERE'S THE SNOW???"

It's like a tropical island around here!  It's so warm (how warm is it) that I was overcome by the heat and needed to spend time in the air conditioned cab, where I did some research.

It says that Montanana is cold, it isn't cold.  Clearly we made a wrong turn and landed in Florida!
The Musher insisted that we were indeed in Montanana.

Not cold, no snow

Still not cold, and no snow

Humungous cow on wheels, small ploop of snow behind it ummm, at least I think that's snow....

FINALLY we get to Seeley Lake and check in at the FANTABULOUS Wilderness Gateway Inn

Of course, the Pretty Curly Tails were all...

Where's the snow?????
Ok, seriously... this isn't the place is it?  There's NO SNOW??
We've been assured that there is snow higher up, and the race start has been moved to the Morrell Creek Trailhead (wherever that is) and changed from 4pm to 6pm.  I have to say that this warmness is affecting my ensemble choices, as I packed for snow!

Thankfully my personal assistants made sure that I was prepared, and now I have this blingity bling high viz ensemble

My ensemble is so bright, I need to wear shades... no seriously, it hurts my eyes, stop pointing lights at me!

So after all of that kerfluffle of warmth, no snow, the drive... the highlight of the day was when a car pulled up, a guy got out with a box and gave us a pizza!!!

Shelly (RAGBRAI) Minion thought we may be exhausted after the trip and had ordered us a pizza!  It came to our door!  It's sitting right there!!!  I'm drooling!!!  Thank you Shelly Minion!

Okey Dokey, so here's everythings and stuffs you need to know about the race today...

The start got moved.
The start is at 6pm Montanana time.
That idiot Wayward will be safety pinned to the sled, which means you can follow the Musher and Pretty Curly Tails by clicking this link right here... this link... click this.

As usual:  The Musher and Pretty Curly Tails come first, so the Handlers will get pictures and video as they can, but they have more important duties to perform first.

We will give you updates on the Facebooks when we get them, so go to the Facebooks fan page (you don't have to have a Facebooks account to view things).

You can also check out the Race to the Sky Facebooks fan page for updates there too.

Wayward is supposed to be holding on with both hands, but he may do some posts.

That's about it I guess.  Any questions??

- Bet


Anonymous said...

Hope you find the snow! Enjoyed the photos from here in England also no snow but plenty of rain!

Barbara B. said...

Congratulations on your finish, Karen. And Mark... I had never realized that he was such and awesome photographer until I saw some of those photos on the Yukon Quest pages. What beautiful pictures!