Saturday, 7 February 2015

Snow Days

This morning dawned with a beautiful pink sunrise. Although a strong breeze still blew, the skies were mostly blue.

Due to a storm we had been 'sort of' snowed in for a few days. 'Snowed in' might be a bit harsh - it was mostly self imposed and to be honest, entirely appreciated. 

The only tracks in and out of the yard were those of dogs and dog sleds. No vehicle has been fired up at the kennel in over 60 hours.

It started with wind. A cold wind blowing from the southwest. Over the course of our training run on Wednesday we watched the clouds clear, bathed in a bit of blue sky and sun, and then watched the front start to move in.

By Thursday morning a few flakes had started to fall. We hustled around getting a few errands accomplished on top of regular chores. By afternoon a full fledged storm was underway.

Calzones baked in the oven, filling the house with the fantastic aroma of homemade bread.

On well fed stomachs we slept as the storm raged through the night.

Friday morning snow was still falling and winds still blowing, but the worst of it seemed to be over.

After lunch the stillness of the woods after a storm was interrupted by the ruckus and commotion of excited dogs getting ready to run.

Pounding paws and slicing dog sled runners soon disturbed the fresh powder blanketing the woods.

By the next day the dog team tracks would be crisscrossed with the tracks of all manner of critters making up for the lost time the weather created.

Turkey soup simmered away on the stove as we ran dogs. Nothing beats homemade soup on a blustery day!

The puppies agreed - even if their soup wasn't as tasty as ours!

Snow lightly fell through the night and wind continued to lightly blow. 

And that brought us to the beautiful sunrise this morning, snow untracked by technology, and the inspiring quiet.

All good things must come to an end though. And our 'good thing' came to an end with the cough, sputter and rumble of a diesel engine as the tractor was coaxed to life. A few steady trips up and down the long driveway and our physical link to the world was reestablished.

I guess I should be happy......

And I guess I am ...we were getting low on toilet paper anyway.

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