Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wednesdays with Chibs - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Welcome to Wednesday's with a new special guest.

Today's special guest is one of the Poutine of Anarchy... CHIBS!!!

Um... Chibs?

Chibs... we're rolling, we're doing the interview.

shhhhh Auntie Bet, this is the best part!!!!
Get in the interviewing chair!!!

Ok Ok!  I'm in the chair... what??
Ok Chibs, how are you today??


Um... Chibs??


What have you been doing lately, isn't it great to have the Musher and friends here... ack!

What are you doing?

I'm sitting on you Auntie Bet!
Yes, yes I know you're sitting on me, you're supposed to be answering questions for the fans!

We don't need fans in here, it's cool enough, why would we need fans in here?
I'm talking about all of the peoples that follow the bloggity blog and want to know neat things about you!

OOOH, the peoples... hey have you been eating jerky?
NO!  So tell the peoples what you've been doing lately!

Ummmm, we've been running and playing, and we got to play with a sled thingie and stuffies
You mean stuffs and things, right.

Yeah, yeah, whatevers
What else have you been doing and can you stop crushing my trachea?

Oh, sure, whatevers, hey is that food on the ground?
I don't know, why don't you...

... go find... sigh

Ahem... excuse me but...
Is that your thing?
It's in my spot, please remove it.
This whole gig really isn't going like I planned you know.


Peg and Spud (the Husky who hates running!) said...

You win some and you lose some Bet. Even Walter Cronkite didn't hit every interview out of the ballpark! I enjoy your work...keep it up!!

Malka E said...

emphasis on "Anarchy"