Friday, 3 April 2015

Fridays with Tig - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies!!

Yes, the Musher is home (thankfully) and yes, she's still sick (awwww) and yes I'm taking good care of her until she recovers.

She's not a very good patient, by the way.

Anywhoo, I'm sure you are all excited about today's special guest, so without further ado (because we all know how I feel about ado), here is our


Tig: Hello everybodies!!!!  I'm so pleased to be asked to get interviewed!  I hope you all enjoy yourselves!

Bet: Welcome to the house Tig... ooof, ok, I don't appreciate you sticking your foot in my mouth!

Tig: oops, sorry Auntie Bet, I'm just so excited!!

Bet: That's ok sweetie, how about we sit down and...

Bet: Um, we're here for an interview Tig, not to play with toys.

Tig: But it squeeks!

Bet: We can play with toys later, ok sweetie?

Tig: Sure!  Toys are fun, they squeek, do you squeek the toys all the time?

Bet: Yaaaaaawn, no, not all the time, but I do have a lot of toys, but I'd rather had more ensembles than ....

Tig:  squeek squeek squeeeeeek squeeeeek

Bet: Are you paying attention?

Tig: Oh sure Auntie Bet, I'm paying attention... look at the octopus!  I remember the octopus!

Tig: squeek squeek squeeeeeeek

Tig: HEY!  I have a great idea, let's jump on the couch!

Bet: Why do they always want to jump on the couch?

Tig:  HEY KD!  Hi KD!  What's up KD?
KD: I cut you!

Tig: Hey KD!  Can I jump on the couch?  I know you and Bait were sleeping there and everything, but I don't get to jump on the couch a lot, so if you don't mind?

KD:  Fine, whatever, leave me alone!

Tig: This is a nice couch, and I think it's real leather, is this real leather?

Bet: I don't know... aren't I supposed to be interviewing you?

Tig: This blanket smells really good, almost like pasta and perhaps a whiff of shrimp?  It smells just like you Auntie Bet!

Bet: A coincidence I'm sure... so Tig...

Tig: oooh, what a nice view you have on the couch, it's really nice, you can see outside and everything.

Bet: zzzzzzzz

Tig: Oh, I'm sorry, you ARE supposed to interview me... so what questions do you have?

Bet:  Wha?  Oh, sorry, I dozed off a bit, so what's your favorite...

Tig: oooh, look at his, it's very pretty!  Is this your dinner plate Auntie Bet?

Bet: No, it's not my dinner plate, how about you get back up here so I can...

Bet:  Um, that's a bit too close... what are you doing?

Tig: I'm just admiring your wonderful collar!  It really does make your furs pop, what a stunning color coordination.

Bet:  Um, thank you, I really... ugh, I'm supposed to be interviewing you!

Tig: Oh hey, excuse me, I just noticed the stitching on this couch, I'm pretty sure this is real leather, don't you think it's real leather.

Bet:  ya know...

Bet: Tig... seriously Tig... that's a bit rude

Tig:  I'm sorry Auntie Bet, I promise I won't sniff you in personal places any more.  Can I come out of the corner now?

Bet: As long as you learned your lesson...

Bet:  How about you just go play with some toys and I'll go recover from this interview.

Tig:  Ok Auntie Bet!

The toaster was more productive... sigh!

- Bet


Lydia Martin said...

So cute!!

Pat E in MN said...

Interviewing is tough work! Thanks Bet!