Tuesday, 7 April 2015


I was puttering my way through chores this morning with my camera in my pocket. I managed to talk soon to be 14 year old Crunchie into posing for me. Like Bet, he is not a big fan of cameras, so I have to catch him in a very good mood.

Thank you Crunchie.

A bit later up in the puppy pens I managed to snap a couple shots of Crunchie's grandson, Tig hanging out on his house.

That got me thinking that it would be nice to to post some shots of Grandpa, Son and Grandson all in similar poses. I headed over to Turtle to explain my idea. I showed him the other pictures on the camera and asked him what he thought.

"Like this?"

 Well, I was thinking a bit more.....regal.....

"Oh, gotcha! Like this!"

"Wait let me try again"
 Well that's closer. Maybe you could put your ears up and look down your nose a bit??



Anita Rosenberger said...

Always enjoy reading your blog!

Pat E in MN said...

It would be great to see all 3 of them in one photo.