Friday, 10 April 2015

Fridays with Di - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies, and welcome to my Friday interview series!

I know it's been a bit rough these past interviews.  It seems that my guests haven't been exactly... um... cooperative.

Today's guest is a very specially special guest because she has been our constant companion while the Musher has been off gallavanting... I mean judgety judging in Alaska for the Iditarod.

Without our special friend we would have been left to fend for ourselves and although I'm pretty sure that between myself supervising and Cricket, Bear, Tic, Bait, and KD (ok, maybe not KD) we could have taken care of all the Pretty Curly Tails ourselves, but thankfully we didn't have to.

So it is with great pleasure and honor, I introduce to you:


Di is from one of those continents where everything is poisonous and will kill you just by looking at you.  It's a wonder she's survived thus far, and I'm pretty sure she's happy to be here at North Wapiti playing with the Poutines of Anarchy, and cooking me waffles.

Bet: Hi Di, and thank you for taking care of us all while the Musher was gone!  What was the bestest thing about being here?

Di:  Hi Bet, and I'm very pleased to be on the guest clouch to answer all of your questions today.  I would say that the best part of being here was being surrounded by such beautiful countryside, great Pretty Curly Tails, and most amazing and fashionably stylish Border Collie in the whole world.

Bet:  Aw, thanks, I do work hard at making sure my ensembles are... um... Di, what are you doing?

Di: Well, isn't part of the interview process getting on the couch and rolling around?  I could have sworn that's what the Poutines told me happened.

Bet:  Well, um... yeah, sorta I guess, they all did get on the couch and everythings and stuffs... ok, so where were we... oh yeah, we were talking about my FABulous ensembles, and... um...

Di: Hey look, there's a toaster and some pans.  I can make you some waffles if you like, or I can whip up some nice shrimp and pasta for you!

Bet:  um... ok, yeah, that would be nice, but I'm supposed to be interviewing you right now.  Why don't we just get back on the clouch so I can...

Di:  Honestly, Bet, the clouch is a bit small for me, and not very comfortable...

Bet:  Wha???  The clouch is perfectly FINE, let's get back on the clouch.

Di: Um... no


Bet:  OW!! OW!!!! Stop nibbling on my feety feet!!!  Wait, where are you going???

Bet:  sigh... it was going so well.

I know!  Let me go out to the garage.  That's where we keep our spare Di.

Bet:  Hi spare Di, how are you today?

Bet:  Harumpf, you don't have to be snarky about everything.

From the bottom of our furry hearts, everybodies here at North Wapiti Kennels (and the minions) want to thank Di for being here, taking care of everybodies, providing updates for the Minions, and giving the Musher the peace of mind that allowed her travel to judgety judge the Iditarod.  We really appreciate everything you did, and will miss you horribly... especially KD who is still pouting and moping because you went home.

Thank you so much!

- Bet