Saturday, 25 April 2015

Driving Miss Bittie - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

I don't have an interview this week, and this bloggity blog post is late because I was doing my new Baa Baa Sheepie thing... thing and then there was some other stuffs and things, and, and...


Last week the Musher asked if I wanted to drive down to Montanana with her to drop off Gem to Karen E Minion (all things shippy and packy).  Gem will be an agility dog and I can't think of a better career for her, since she lives to jump on things, run through things, stomp on things, leap over things.

So I packed my overnight bag and got in my front seat, and here is our whole trip in one bloggity blog.

We drove.

 Bet: Are we there yet?
Musher: We just left
Bet: That didn't answer my question.

Bet:  Look!  There's a cloud that looks like a unicorn jumping over a marmoset!
Musher: I can't look, I'm driving.

Bet: It's a shame you missed it, probably never ever ever ever ever happen again... your loss

Bet: Gem, get your feet off the ceiling and stop bouncing around!

Bet: Don't make me stop the truck and come back there, and turn that music down, I can't hear myself think!

Bet: Is it just me or are the trees exactly the same for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles...

Bet: ... and miles and miles and miles and miles..

Bet: Ok, I know we've been driving forever, but did you turn the oven off?  I didn't turn the oven off, did you turn the oven off?

Bet: Are we there yet?

Bet: I spy with my little eye something that begins with "T"
Musher: Is it a tree?

Bet: No fair, you guessed it right away, I don't want to play any more

Bet: OOOH MUSHER!  It's a baa baa sheepy thing!  Let's go herd it!!!
Musher: I don't think those kind of sheepy things like to be herded, Bet.

Bet: Wow, there's more of them, come on!  Let's herd them!
Musher: I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like to be herded Bet, those are wild sheepy things

Bet: It's a whole gaggle of sheepie things, and they do look all clumped up, but I say we go herd them any way!
Musher: They have sharp pointy point horns Bet.

Bet: Oh... they do?  Well, maybe we can herd them on the way back or something.

Musher: I spy with my little eye something that begins with "M"
Bet: Stop it, I'm not playing that game because you cheat.

Bet: Oh stop pouting, fine... is it Moose?  Of course it can't be Moose because that begins with "S" as in Stompy Moose.
Musher: It's Mountain

Bet: HEY!  What, I only get one guess and then you ruin the game and tell me... you don't know how to play this game... hey look, there's a mountain!

We finally get there, and drop Gem off with Karen E and then did a little sightseeing before we head back.

Bet: Make sure you get my good side while I'm posing as a dog looking at a mountain

Bet: did you take the picture yet?  The wind is blowing my ears back, did you get the picture?  Hello???

Musher:  What's wrong with my shoes?
Bet: Um... nothing, they're fine... really... totally fine... seriously... no really.

Bet: Ok, let me get this straight, you want me to look longingly into the distance while I lay in the window of some old building... right?

Bet:  Nailed it, just take the picture now, this concrete is cold and hard.

Then we drove back and on the way we stopped at Grandmom's house.  I love my Grandmom, she's the bestest Grandmom in the whole wide world.

Bet:  Um, Musher, we're late for Grandmom's house, just get your coffee and stop drooling on the steering wheel.

We got to Grandmom's house and had a wonderful time.  In the morning, Grandmom made me breakfast.

Bet: I love how you ensembled your house Grandmom, the counters really make the place pop!

Bet: I was just wondering if you could talk to your daughter about her choice of footwear... have you seen those things?

Grandmom:  Oh I know Bet, but you can raise them, but you can't get them to buy FABulous shoes.
Bet:  Yes, I've tried, and I know you've tried... can I have a little more syrup and if you don't mind, can you melt some butter for the pancakes?
Grandmom: Oh, of course, I can't have you eating cold syrup and butter!

Bet: om nom nom... this is perfect Grandmom!  At least you did teach the Musher your fantastic cooking skills!

Bet: The warm butter and syrup really makes the pancake, you are the bestest Grandmom!

And then we drove home.

- Bet


Sally Ann and Andy said...

Your a good girl. Taking care of your Mommy/Musher, and I'm sure she could find some amazing new shoes, and you could borrow her plastic card;them, you could find some for her.
Sally Ann

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo are SO living the life!