Friday, 17 April 2015

Fridays with Gem and Opie - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies, sorry I'm so late with the weekly post, but I was a bit tired and took a nap afterwards.

I think everyone can agree that the whole interview process was a bit flawed because the subjects of the interview were so interested in being inside and playing on the clouch and couch that nothing could ever get done, so this week I tried something different.

Now I present to you, my dear readers... Dancing with the Poutines!

Today's contestants are Opie and Gem!!!!

Ok Opie and Gem, we're going to square dance today, so let's go!

Bow to your partner

Alamo Swing Turn!

All 8 Circulate!

Allemande Left!

Bend the Line!

Good!  Good, now Box Circulate!

Nice Box Gem, ok California Twirl!

Chain Down the Line

Dosado and plie!!

Double Pass Thru

Nice, very nice!!!!!

Ok, Ferris Wheel!!

You guys!  That's not Ferris Wheel, now FERRIS WHEEL!

Beautiful!  Fantabulous!!!!  Now Half Sashay!

The other Sashey Opie, now Ocean Wave!

Ok, now Slip the Clutch!

No Gem, I didn't say skip to lunch, I said Slip the Clutch!

hehehehe, that tickles.

Ok, Ok, that's it for now!  You guys did a spectaculurby good job!



- Bet

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Malka E said...

aaarrroooo! applause! (love the commands!) Citrine loves "skip to lunch"