Sunday, 5 April 2015

To Ride Or Not To Ride...

As some of you might be aware, I developed a nasty flu on Iditarod - spending a fair amount of time texting, gesturing and whispering to get my points across as I had, among other things, lost my voice.

The flu has followed me home and continues to plague me. I DON'T get colds/flus - last one I had was about 5 years ago - so I am really quite a bad patient. Well - not really a 'patient' as I'm the only one at the house this week with opposable thumbs - so maybe 'victim' is more like it.

Anyway, I've been dragging my butt around the house and kennel as best I can. Coughing fits are now down to only a few a day and I only feel like I've been run over by a small car, rather than a truck.

Friday and Saturday I had company at the kennel, so was able to put them to work and get a team of dogs run in the AM.

The trails are deceiving right now. There is lots of snow in some spots - and absolutely none in others....

Bad time of year for running, but it went okay and we were all thrilled to be out!!

Chores all got done, company fed and on their way. I lay on the couch in a coma for an hour or so and then got entirely bored of that.

"I should take my bike out"
"You are too sick to take your bike out"
"What's going to happen??? I'm not going to die?"

After convincing myself that increasing my heart rate would get 'bad stuff' moving and out of my body I layered up, grabbed my FatBike, my Border Collie and headed out.

Bear insisted on joining. He said something about protecting us, but I think he was hoping I was going to drop dead and he could eat me.

It was SO the right decision. I took it relatively easy and didn't go too far or fast. We headed down to the river to see what the water was up to.

Our little 'river' is usually nothing more than a small trickle of water, especially due to all the beaver activity in the valley, but in spring it lives up to it's river designation.

Bear, Bet and I took a nice long break at the river - exploring, watching the water flow and just poking around looking for signs of spring.

My companions were simply the best!

Bear is still not a fan of the 'self

It was getting late and cooling off fast, so we climbed the big sand hill out of the valley (that warmed me up quick) and took a bit longer route home.

Not sure that I did my illness any favours - but I did my soul a few - and I didn't die, so how wrong could it have been?

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Darrel & Linda Ferguson said...

I got the same thing three weeks ago. My voice is still coming and going and the nasty cough doesn't want yo being my generous self I shared it with my hubby. He's out walking the dogs, I did my walk around Lowes. I should be able to get back exercising this week. Feel better soon. I know Bet is trying to take care of you.