Wednesday, 12 March 2003

March 12, 2003

Well, Karen should be on the trail all day today, so I'm not expecting any phone calls. I would think that she will camp on the trail during the heat of the day, and be in to Kaltag and off the river around midnight tonight. She will probably get into the checkpoint just in time to hear that Sorlie has won. In 2001, Karen was in Kaltag when Swingley won.

Loki and Squeaky are home and working on their tans.

So as usual I will take this slow time to answer a question or two. 
  • Karen does bootie her dogs when the snow or lack of snow conditions warrant it. A lot of times during the Iditarod Karen will bootie dogs as a precautionary procedure, it is over 1100 miles after all.  

  • Karen does have jackets for her dogs, my Mom made them in 2000. I've never seen Karen run her dogs with jackets on. At a checkpoint after the straw has been put down and the dogs have been fed Karen will cover the dogs up with blankets. When some dogs fuss they uncover themselves, so Karen had the jackets made because they stay on. Oreo used to like being completely covered by a big blanket, and she wouldn't move until it was time to go. The blankets are used to help the dogs muscles recover faster, its easier to regenerate when your warm.
This will be my last diary entry, unless I can find a computer on the trail. Tomorrow morning I leave for Unalakleet. I will wait for Karen there, then take the next flight to Nome. I guess you guys will just have to talk amongst yourselves until you hear from Karen.


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