Saturday, 8 March 2003

March 8, 2003

There is a new photo of Karen at
as well as more race coverage (but sadly, no mention of Karen's adventure).
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Photos by Bonnie Lundberg
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kr1.jpg (23382 bytes)
Ceremonial start in Anchorage kr2.jpg (17392 bytes)
Karen Hypnotizing one of her dogs ( perhaps Kira? ) to be a TOUGH Iditarod sled dog
kr3.jpg (12528 bytes)
Wheel dogs at the Ceremonial Start. Innisfree Pirate on right.
kr4.jpg (15332 bytes)
Wheel dogs ready to GO!
kr5.jpg (10591 bytes)
Karen & Jamie Nelson
kr6.jpg (14838 bytes)
Karen pauses for a picture with her Iditarider, husband Mark looks on.
kr7.jpg (11360 bytes)
Karen wearing Native snowgoggles
kr8.jpg (26587 bytes)
Karen in the dog yard at Norris's (Notice the Canadian flags on stakes, those are her dogs)
kr9.jpg (13828 bytes)
Karen by the dog truck
kr10.jpg (15672 bytes)
One of Karen's tables at the Mushers Banquet.

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