Friday, 7 March 2003

March 7, 2003


Not much to report on at this moment. I haven't heard from Karen yet, I would hope that she and the dogs are sleeping.

I thought that I would use this slow time to answer some questions that I've been getting on my email.
  • The record for the fastest Siberian Husky team is currently held by Shawn Sidelinger. Shawn finished the 1998 race in 34th spot in a time of 12 days 8 minutes, running a team of Norris dogs (their second string, according to Natalie). Shawn is now Natalie's neighbor. The plan was never for Karen to race this year, She let the dogs run in the Knik200, but her foot will be back on the brake for the Iditarod. Now that this years race route has changed there would be no point in trying to break any record. Maybe next time.
  • If you would like to send Karen a letter via snail mail, each musher has a mailbox in Nome. The address is:
    Karen Ramstead
    c/o Iditarod Headquarters
    Nome, Alaska, 99762.

    You better do it soon if you want it to be there before Karen arrives.  :)
  • The other day when there were people over visiting, someone was grumbling about the coverage of the race. That's when Natalie said that if her and Earl wanted to follow the race in the Seventies, they would have to hop in their truck and drive 40 miles North to Montana Creek were a friend with a shortwave radio could call and ask for updates.

  • At this stage in the race if you see a team falling in the standings or not moving at all, look over on the right side of the update page to see if the musher has a "Y" in the 24 hour rest column. A mushers position in the race can change by quit a bit until everyone has taken their 24 hour rest. Because Karen is Musher 38 her 24 rest will be 25 hours.

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