Wednesday, 5 March 2003

March 5, 2003

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Please visit June's site for more Iditarod 2003 Pictures.
(These pictures were taken by an amateur lucky enough to be at the start of the race helping another musher.
Our thanks to her for offering to share her North Wapiti photos with us!)
GBKaren.jpeg (32247 bytes)
Karen and GB Jones were located near each other and June snagged both for a picture.
 June was there to help with GB's team.

KarenBob.jpeg (21638 bytes)
Karen and Bob Ford

TooPrecious.jpeg (20198 bytes)
This was Karen's Idita-rider. Isn't she darling?

KarenFurSnoozes.jpeg (27273 bytes)
Karen's dog catches a nap

KarenPirate.jpeg (29654 bytes)
June was not sure if this was Karen's Pirate or not but loved the picture of that stressed out sled dog waiting for the big event in her truck early in the morning.

Odie.jpeg (19108 bytes)
After the weekend being around so many dogs, it was tough to keep them straight but this one is special to June. Karen's Oden, aka Odie, who was about the size of one of Cym's puppies when June first met Karen and her wonderful fur kids and she considers him "her" North Wapiti dog.

KarenBandana.jpeg (26133 bytes)
June had to grab Karen belatedly and ask her to put a bandana on her dogs made by Donna Finner. 

KarenEaglePackLogo.jpeg (33601 bytes)
Thank you, Eagle Pack, for your support of Karen.

KarenFurFancy.jpeg (12918 bytes)
June finds it rather ironic to have a running love affair with Karen's "pedigreed" beauties as well as GB's solid working Alaskan Huskies but, states "How can you help not love 'em all?"

KarenFurz.jpeg (25273 bytes)
Karen's fur kids were gorgeous according to June.

KarenPacks.jpeg (28357 bytes)
Like her dogs, Karen seemed the picture of calm efficiency.

KarenCrew.jpeg (37895 bytes)
This was my last pix on the street as Karen's team was about to pull out.

Karen2Line.jpeg (24811 bytes)
Even though June couldn't take pictures of the team she was helping get to the starting line, it did put her in a great position to snap Karen as she came to the start line.

Karen2Line2.jpeg (27971 bytes)
After running GB's dogs up to the starting chute, June ran out of the chute, around a truck, then grabbed her camera to snap pictures of Karen.

KarenMark2Line.jpeg (33524 bytes)
Mark and Karen on the way. Mark would later rescue June, helping to get GB's stuff off the river and back to a vehicle. June wanted to say, "Thanks, Mark!!! I'd probably still be standing on that dang river without your help....unless I'd fallen thru by now."

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