Wednesday, 26 March 2003

March 26, 2003

Well, it is not often that I get too serious in my diaries, but something happened yesterday that really bothered me and I really feel the need to address it here.

Lynda Brown, who happens to be my dearest and most treasured friend, finally caught up with me yesterday. She and her husband, Dwayne have for years done my meals for the trail. Both are fabulous cooks (Dwayne actually used to make his living as a chef) and my meals are the envy of many a musher.
It turns out that Lynda has had a few folks, jokingly - I sincerely hope, accuse her of giving me food poisoning and causing me to scratch from Iditarod. Jokingly or not, these comments have caused Lynda and Dwayne pain. Lynda knows how seriously I take Iditarod and how hard it was for me to scratch from the Race - for there to be even a hint that she had something to do with that is disturbing to her - and unacceptable to me. NEVER, EVER for even one second have I thought that Lynda and Dwayne had anything to do with the illness I picked up on the trail.

Chances are that what I picked up on the trail was Giardia and that I got it from water on the trail or contamination from the dogs. Even if it was food poisoning, that was likely caused from food thawing and refreezing during shipping. Remember, many of the drop bags were shuffled around to different checkpoints as the Race route went through all it's changes this year.
In no way will I ever I believe that it had anything to do with the way or care Lynda and Dwayne put into preparing my meals.

Lynda and Dwayne - know that I know that my misfortune this year has NOTHING to do with you. I love you both and greatly appreciate all you do for me.

Now I will climb down off my soapbox.


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