Thursday, 6 March 2003

March 6, 2003 (part 2)

Hello again. 

I just got off the phone with Karen (we don't talk this much at home :). She sounds great! She had a few hours sleep and was planning on staying in Ruby until 7:00 tonight. Then it's just a short 52 mile hop over to Galena, were she plans to take her 24 hour break. Her second sled is also waiting for her there, so she can swap out sleds if she wants or can just take supplies from it.

The dog that Karen dropped was Kaylinn. Karen says that she has sore shoulders and didn't have much fun playing in the overflow. Also Nik will be staying behind at Ruby, Karen says that his wrists are sore and he isn't having much fun either.

Karen said that she would call again tomorrow while she's taking her 24 in Galena.

That's all for now.

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