Wednesday, 15 March 2006

March 15, 2006 Feet & Heads


Well it looks like Karen has managed to get her pups a little farther down the trail. She's not only having to deal with feet problems but with head problems as well. Snickers has been running single lead almost the entire race and is getting a little sick and tired of it. With some of the hardest part of the trail for a leader to face coming up, it could be a problem.

Olena is home now, I had to take her to the Vet, she has a puncture wound in her paw and needs some special attention. Kara and Skor are at the prison and will be picked up today by Ken Nelson. Batdog should be showing up soon. The dogs are also entertaining guests. Lachlan Clarke's extra dogs and dropped dogs are staying in our dog lot while his with Linda is in Nome.

Karen planned on taking a long break at Old Women Cabin, so her run time to Unk will not give us a good indication of how she is doing. I'm rearranging my trip to Nome so I spend as little time there as possible. I'm not going to get on a plane until Karen is at least in Elim.


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