Sunday, 19 March 2006

March 19, 2006 Congratulations!!

Karen & her team of ten have finished the 2006 Iditarod!!!
North Wapiti fans from around the world send their congratulations!!










  • DQ (Blakeslee, Pennsylvania) - "..whatever course you chose, whatever trail you're on, I'm ready to roll." Congratulations!
  • Colleen Hovind (Saskatchewan, Canada ) - Karen, Mark and the Furry Olympians - Ya' did it. "Alright, EVERYBODY." It may not have been a sweet ride but ya' dug in and got 'er done. Congrats. May the ride home to Canada be a smooth one. Luv ya!
  • Penny (North Wapiti Cartoon Central - Severn, MD) - Just wanted to send out my congrats to the entire North Wapiti team; Karen, Mark, the pups, Morna, and everyone that made this wild ride possible. Way to go gang and congratulations!
  • Donna, Doug & the furgirls Lyra, Lou, Paige & Elim (Alexandria, New Hampshire) - Congratulations to you and your team.
  • Heather W. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) - Great teamwork!! You all make us proud to be associated with the pretty (tough) sled dogs. Thanks for the " virtual" ride. Extra hugs for my Sprite!
  • Jeff Setzer (Stafford, Virginia) - My special liking for mushing/Siberians began with the Pretty Sled Dogs. Watching you complete another  "Last Great Race" inspires dreams. Thank you & Congratulations on another successful Iditarod!
  • Gwen Ross (Maple Ridge, British Columbia) - Karen, Mark, Team!!!! Congratulations on completing Iditarod 2006. You are my heroes!!!
  • Mary and Irving (Princeton, New Jersey) - Persistence in the face of adversity, mystery (where is she?)--this one had it all. Congratulations for a job well done.
  • Katerina, Jachym & Magpie (Kipp d´Amundsen SH Kennels, Vedjeƶn, Sweden) - Congratulations Karen and the wonderful team to finishing your heroic journey and thank you for letting us be a part of it!
  • Marilyn Hubley (Kinmount, Ontario) - Karen you make me so proud to be a Canadian Woman, your one tough cookie, congratulations!!!!!!!
  • Nancy Perry (Boulder, Colorado) - Great job pushing through... I am so glad you are safe and sound! (and waiting for the stories)
  • Kim Hayes (Perth, Western Australia) - CONGRATULATIONS Karen and the NW team! You are all awesome and have achieved AMAZING things yet again! Shumonitu Siberian Huskies
  • LW (Cambridge, Ontario) - Congratulations to NW Team
  • Linda (Atlanta, Georgia) - What a wild ride for the arm-chair crowd! Can't wait to hear your side of it! Way to go, Karen & Team! Love and kisses.
  • Ray & Dianne (New Zealand) - Congratulations on a sterling effort.
  • Colleen Little (Salmon River Bridge, Nova Scotia) - As a fellow Canadian and also one who loves Sibes, I am truly proud and happy to see you & your team excel today. An awesome triumph over nature and adversity!!!
  • Theresa Przybylski (Crete, Illinois) - You and your team persevered and you succeeded. May the strength of this success contribute to a future of endurance, success and happy trails.
  • Ann & Samoyeds (Sparks, Nevada) - Huge congratulations to Karen, Mark and all of Team Wapiti! Thank you for doing this with Siberian Huskies!!!
  • Barbara & Jerry (Hampton, Tennessee) - Congratulations, Karen. We love you. You, too, Mark.
  • Janet & Jay Elliott (Kettle Falls, Washington) - Congratulations to Karen, Mark and the North Wapiti team. "Victory belongs to the most persevering." Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821)
  • Caroline, partner & a houseful of doglets (County Tipperary, Ireland) - Huge congratulations on reaching Nome, hugs and admiration from all of us here.
  • Gail Roberts (Willow Run Siberians - Leavenworth, Washington) - Congratulations to Team North Wapiti! Can't wait to read stories about This trek to Nome!
  • Michelle Smith (Charlotte, North Carolina) - Congratulations Karen and the pretty little sled dogs. I have been reading the updates the whole race.
  • HN & fans of Butch Cassidy (Fremont, CA) - Congratulations to Karen, Mark and the North Wapiti team for a terrific achievement overcoming a season of adversity.
  • John, April Wood & kids (Jaraw Siberians - Squaw Valley, California) - Congratulations Karen, Mark and NorthWapiti Siberians!!!
  • Chester (New Hampshire via Perryvale) - Sorry I missed all the fun but I will be with all of you soon :) With love.
  • Barb Branham (Portland, Oregon) - Heartfelt congratulations to Team Wapiti and the wonderful "Pretty Sled Dogs"! You came through discouragement to push on through to Nome. All champions!!
  • Marlene & Doug Daniels (Belgrade, Montana) - Mark and Karen, you two are the ultimate pair. Congrats to you all, humans and dogs-you did all of the valleys and mountains with style.
  • Sharon Putnam (Springfield, Vermont) - Congratulations Karen on a job well done!! Give all the NW Team a well deserved {{{Hug}}}
  • Anne Melrose (Snowstorm Working Siberians - Lunenburg, Ontario) - Karen, the wonderful furkids and, of course Mark!!
  • Denise & Kent Goodrow (New York) - Congratulations to Karen, Mark and the team. Although we are American, all our Siberians are from Canada! Congratulations on a job well done!!!!!!!!!
  • Nannette Morgan (Purely Positive Dog Training - Morgan Hill, California) - Karen, Mark and the Pretty Sled Dogs --- YOU ROCK!!! Glad you're safe and sound ;-)
  • Edna & all the Boston Terrier People (Southern Oregon) - WAAAHHH HOOOO to the NW Sibes, Karen and Mark.
  • Diane Fisher (Coos Bay, Oregon) - You did it. Congratulations.
  • Michelle Lee & Shasta (Scotts Valley, California) - Its time to party.... Great race Karen and your 16 Pretty sled dogs.
  • Cheryl A. Dawson & the lazy Riot Squad - our admiration and congratulations. Well done, Team North Wapiti.
  • John Spitzer & Speedy (Cincinnati, Ohio) - Congrats to Karen and the team !! Glad everybody's fine and have a safe trip home :)
  • Kate Sumbler (Okemos, Michigan) - Congratulations Karen, Mark and the entire North Wapiti team! I'm so proud of you guys and enjoy running the Iditarod vicariously through you!!
  • Bilinda Marshall & the Texas Dust Mushing Malamutes (La Vernia, Texas) - Congratulations to Karen, Mark and the whole NorthWapiti Kennels, well done! It may not have been easy, but then nothing in life that is worth
    having is.

  • John, Ursula & Tia (Winnipeg, Manitoba) - We're so pleased to read of your safe arrival and looking forward to all your stories! Hugs for the pretty sled dogs--and double hugs for Dasher and Odie!
  • Don & Rosemary Hooker & the Siberian Gang (Kimlan Reg'd - Ormstown, Quebec) - Karen, once again you and your team have made us all proud. Congratulations! Am sure there will be some fascinating stories to share.
  • Karen N. (Northern Gems Siberian Huskies - Ontario) - Congratulations to Karen, Mark & the NWK team. Once again you have stared adversity in the face and overcome above and beyond the call. A pawz-atively exhilarating experience. We are so proud of you.
  • Barb (Indiana) - Karen and Mark, Congratulations to you both! I wonder if this finish is not, in many ways, even more satisfying to you than the others, even more of an accomplishment due to the obstacles you overcame!
  • Mary (Oregon) - Woohoo - sorry I couldn't be there to see you come in. Take a shower, catch a nap, and be ready for the banquet. Then let us know what the heck happened on your trip into White Mtn.
  • Helen Johnson (Lyalta, Alberta) - Congrats Karen and team. Perseverance pays off and we are happy to see you safely in Nome.
  • The DesJardins (Ancaster, Ontario) - A True Spirit is Never Broken, only made Stronger. What an amazing team Karen, Mark & the North Wapiti Siberians! Take a bow, be proud & waved those Maple Leafs all the way home to beautiful Alberta.
  • Mrs. Rhonda Surmon and 90 Grade six students from St. Albert, Alberta - Way to go, Karen! You did it! You did it! You did it! We are so proud of you!!

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