Thursday, 9 March 2006

March 9, 2006 Busy Day

It's 1:00 here in Alaska and I've had a very busy day. At 7:30 I had to be at the brand new Palmer Hospital to have one of the screws removed from my ankle. This Hospital is only a month old and it looks like a resort hotel. My Doctor showed up in full surgical gear, and as I laid on an emergency room bed he froze my ankle then cut a tiny hole that he stuck a screwdriver in and removed the screw. Once I was wrapped up I headed off to the Prison to pick up Draco and Surge. I arrived a little early so I pulled into the back of the parking lot, put the seat back, put up my foot and had a nap. Angelina Jolie had just finished rubbing cream on my leg when my cell phone rang and woke me up, it was Karen. She was in a great mood (Karen not Angelina). The dog were enjoying the sun and the straw and Karen was enjoying the food at Takotna, she had steak and crab legs for supper last night. The official reason that Draco and Surge were dropped on the Vet sheet is "Not having fun anymore".

I see some of you were wondering how the dropped dogs are labeled. All the dogs that run Iditarod have microchips inserted into their necks, they have tags on their collars with the mushers number on it and a letter that identifies each dog. Most mushers including Karen write the dogs name on the collar. With all that said and done anyone can drive into the prison and take what ever dog the want, because ID is never checked. Most of the time the prison dog lot has handlers walking around checking collars because they don't recognize the dogs, Karen's dogs stand out in the crowd.

It's supposed to get down to -30F tonight in Takotna, so it looks like Karen is going to be getting the weather that she's always wished for. I just hope that the wind doesn't pick up.

That's it for now, I have to go finish my nap:)


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