Saturday, 25 October 2008

Kara is NOT in a good mood.

Kara is NOT in a good mood.
Seems she is feeling that her raffle is not going as well as she wished. So at her request (okay - DEMAND is a better word. She is sitting on the couch, glaring over the back at me) I am posting some pictures of the raffle items up for grabs.

Dave Totten print - Northern Lights, featuring Karen, Grover, Spud, Smiley, Gus and Chester

One of a kind polar fleece jacket with the 2008 'For Snickers' kennel logo

Print of Jr in Takotna in the '08 Iditarod. This item comes with Jr's 2008 official Iditarod dog tag.
Please guys, help me out, the house is not a safe place if we have to face the WRATH of Kara.
Details on the raffle can be found at

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