Monday, 13 October 2008

Things I am NOT thankful for...

I thought that since yesterday's blog entry was some of the things I was thankful for, today I would tell you of something I am definitely NOT thankful for - and that is people that throw garbage out of their vehicles as they are driving down the road.
In fact, at this moment I would happily deliver a few swift kicks to the stomach of anyone I found that does this.
Why do I feel so strongly about this you ask?? Well, it seems like one of my family members is spending his Thanksgiving in the Vet Clinic with a IV in his leg and a sore belly full of mineral oil (and other vet junk) thanks to this disgusting habit.
See, although the ditches up here in Canada are relatively clean, there is still an assortment of paper coffee cups, plastic bags, fast food wraps and the likes to be found on our local roads. The dogs sometimes grab at this garbage as they are running along the road ditches. I do my best to discourage this practice and can usually convince them to drop whatever they have scooped up by calling their name or pumping the brakes on the 4 wheeler a few times, but occasionally I miss something.
We haven't been running the roads alot yet and because of that trash was a bit of a novelty to the team when we were running on Friday. Best I can figure is that Togo must have snarfed up something that I didn't notice. He ate dinner Friday night, but threw it up later in the evening, but it didn't really seem like a big deal. On Saturday he started acting a bit 'off' and by Sunday he wasn't eating and was obviously in pain. I called the vet clinic, which was of course closed for the holiday, and Dr. Lawrence gave me a few things to try with him. We nursed him through the afternoon and evening and I spent a mostly sleepless night last night before making the decision to take him in this morning.
We aren't entirely sure what is up with Togo, but it does look like an impaction of some sort. If the IVs and goop we forced (and trust me - he was NOT keen on this) down his throat haven't resulted in a 'freeing up' of things by morning, they will probably be operating on the boy.

I would appreciate you keeping him in your thoughts tonight! THINK POOP!! Maybe if we are lucky and he does poop, I'll save it to throw at the next car I see tossing trash out as they drive down the road.


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