Saturday, 25 October 2008

This story is for my Mom.

My Mom is one of the toughest ladies I know. She has been struggling for the last long while with ALOT of pain due to her hip and is now in the process of recovering from hip replacement surgery. I was chatting with her the other day and telling her stories about the dogs. She really loved the story of Wifi and suggested that I share it with you all. Today we (Wifi and I) added another chapter to the story that even Mom doesn't know about, so I thought telling it now was appropriate.

There are those dogs that by pedigree, personality and/or structure just capture my heart from the very beginning. Wifi (pronounced 'Wi Fi') had none of that going for him.
Not that I disliked his pedigree, but his personality was alittle 'over the top', and his build was just okay. Nothing about him grabbed me. As he grew older, but not much bigger, and got much wilder - I really began to be ambivalient about him.
I tried to sell him a few times, but for one reason or another nothing worked out and as we started training this fall, I decided I may as well train him up with the rest of the dogs. Afterall, he'd be easier to sell with miles on him.
I'm guessing by now alot of you have figured out where I heading with this....yup...Wifi has not once this season put anything less then 100% into any run he has been on.

His build hasn't changed and he is still a crazy boy in the dog yard, but run after run this 'Little Man' (he wears the same sized harness as most of my girls) has been worming his way into my heart with his tight tugline and super ethusiastic attitude.
Last week I confessed to a few that I didn't really think he was for sale any more.
This morning I decided to try him in lead. WOW! I think on the way home today, we ran over the little 'For Sale' sign that had been following Wifi around for the last year. He was a STAR and lead like he had been doing it for YEARS.

Yes, this is Wifi holding the team on the road, as cows chase us along the fence line - on his FIRST TIME in lead.

Waiting outside the Perryvale Store.
Wifi taking a break - he still doesn't do 'still' too well!

Wifi leading the team across the river on the way home.

And to make the day even more perfect, look what else happened while we were out running -
Yup - the first SNOW of the season!!!


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