Sunday, 12 October 2008

What I'm thankful for...

...I'm thankful for alot of things - alot - but today, the day before Thanksgiving here in Canada, what I'm most thankful for is that cats have 9 lives.

See, yesterday Mark's best friend, otherwise known as our stupid cat (if you are talking to me, at least) Bait decided his life lacked excitement. Seeing that he knows without a shadow of a doubt that he is invincible, he decided the best way to rectify the boredom was take on 4 Siberian Huskies at one time.

Bait on a happier day

While I was out running dogs and Mark was in the garage building new dog houses Bait saw his chance. While Helen was moving a new house into Geriatric Park the stealth black and white hairball slipped into the kennel unnoticed.

House safely in the kennel and door latched shut, Helen let Draco, Joey, Kaylinn and Gus back into their pen. She was sitting visiting with them when Bait, firmly convinced of his invincibility, decided to step from the shadows . Reality quickly came crashing down on him as 4 dogs that have been waiting their whole life to get ahold of him charged.

In a superhuman feat Helen managed to for the most part fend off 4 crazed huskies. Bait was munched, but somehow Helen managed to hold the dogs at bay long enough that the cat, who now had a better understanding of the word 'invincible' and how it didn't actually apply to him, could scramble out of the pen.

There was a few tense hours as we waited to see whether Bait, who had run off into the woods, would come home, as no one was really aware how badly he was hurt. But eventually a very shaken up, slow moving, big eyed cat slunk back into the garage.

Mark was waiting and quickly bathed the dog spit off him looking for obvious wounds. Thankfully, there were none.

A call to the vet was very reassuring. Bait was put on painkillers and allowed to sleep away the rest of the day and the next day.

Just this evening, a full 36 hours after his ordeal, Bait seems to be returning to his abnormal self. I think that when he has time to put his own 'feline spin' on this all, he will be back to describing himself as 'invincible' - after all he took on FOUR Siberians and lived to tell the tale.

Me? I'm just thankful that cats have 9 lives - and for Helen!


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