Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The word from the dog yard........

We have been busy here at NW with Mark building lots of new dog houses and Karen putting bowls out on the dog houses for the A string. There is never a dull moment here and the dogs always have an opinion of the things that are happening, so I decided I would write down some of the things they tell me when I am doing chores!

The word from the dog yard........

Flash thought he should have the new dog house because how is he going to keep up with the neighbor’s new houses with his slightly used one (his neighbors Crunchie and X just got new houses)
Minto on the other hand is feeling rather slighted that there is a double wide next door while she is only getting a single wide (Mark put a new puppy house in the pen next to Minto’s)
Tess and Q are lounging in the sun out back thinking this is better than Hawaii, Jr thinks they are dumb and Bingo is mad she doesn't get the nice morning sun
Rocket knows her name is on the list to run and is pouting that no one is running today
Moses, poor Moses he thought his new spot was to be quiet and relaxing and instead he has the likes of porcupines and lots of visiting dogs practically in his dog house.
Turtle on the other hand had his eye on a cute girl that was visiting; living with all the old guys is getting to him
Herman is mad that Hector got a new house when his house is older
Newt doesn’t care that he didn’t get his food bowl on his dog house he will ask his Dad tomorrow and is sure he will get him one (again another mechanical issue)
Karen said only those that are performing well in the harness get a bowl on their dog house today and Xena is beside herself because she didn’t get one and her siblings Flash, Isis and Wonder all got one (I told her it is a mechanical issue we will fix tomorrow)
Nick and Camilla were lying next to their fence in Geriatric Park enjoying the sun, they said if they were humans in a retirement home they would be sitting on the porch in a rocking chair

Everyone else is just happy that it is getting colder and that life is good........ :-))

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