Thursday, 1 September 2011


Yesterday morning we spent some time at the Butterfly Display at the Dunedin Museum.
Very cool - and you have to know I took a few pictures!!!!

Shocking, I know!!!

In fact, if it weren't for the fact that is was horribly hot and humid in there - and I was wearing a sweater and winter boots, I might have had to have been dragged out!!

Sticking me in a room with 1000 butterflies and a camera is kind of like sticking a bottle of wine in front of a wino....

...oh yeah, that's right....that is one of my other issues!!!


It was a good time.... of many here in New Zealand!!!

3 comments: said...

OH how lucky to have this opportunity.
How beautiful they are. Great photography job.

Anonymous said...

Simply georgeous!!!! Breathtaking!
And any other fabulous adjective a person could think of. Again, I must state that you are one lucky woman.
Sitka's Mom Lisa

Anonymous said...

incredible pictures, as always. Thanks for sharing them.