Monday, 26 September 2011

Saskatchewan or Bust - Nearly Bust

As I mentioned in my last blog, the plan for the weekend was to be in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan speaking at the Gateway Sled Dog Club seminar.
However, when I got home from dropping Richard, Sherwood and Bolt off at the Calgary Airport late Thursday night I realized that I was going to have to take a detour to the hospital Friday morning before beginning my drive. See, I'd had a seriously swollen left leg for the last few days. Thursday night my left calf was a full 2 inches bigger then my right one.

So, Friday morning I packed my bags for the weekend, but stopped in Westlock to get my leg looked at before beginning the 7 hour drive.
I fully expected to be waiting an hour or more before being seen, however I was promptly moved to the head of the line. My own doctor (who does emergency room coverage) was the one to see me and one look at my leg - with the added information that I had fairly recently had a long plane ride - had things jumping into high gear.
"Did you drive yourself here?", she asked as they drew vial after vial of blood and loaded me up with blood thinner (fearing a blood clot). When I replied positively (without telling her I had driven much further the previous day and intended to drive even further later that day) she told me to call Mark or get ready for an ambulance ride to St. Albert. I called Mark.

In St. Albert an ultrasound showed that my issue was a ruptured Baker's cyst not any of the more serious issues my doctor feared but still when I broached the subject of immediately doing a 7 hour drive he blanched a bit. "Go talk to your own doctor", was his final comment.
Back in Westlock, 4 hours after my original planned departure, my doctor gave me the 'go ahead' to travel. Okay, there was a bit of 'negotiating' to get that 'go ahead' but I got it.

The drive out was pretty uneventful. I must say that Saskatchewan may not be the more exciting province in Canada, but they sure know how to 'do' sunsets. The sunset on Friday night was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. (Sorry no pictures, I was running very late and didn't bring a camera along).

The seminar itself was great. Although I was there primarily to be a speaker, I learned a lot, especially on sports injury massage,  from Canadian Challenge head vet Dr Ruth Sims.

As an added bonus for the weekend my very dear friend Colleen drove up from Regina to visit. After groaning about how gross and disgusting (I believe she said it looked like a 'dead persons' leg) my leg looked, she kicked into 'Mom mode' and made sure I followed my doctor's instructions all weekend.

The drive home turned out to be surprising lovely as well. Saskatchewan was breaking all sorts records for high temperatures over the weekend, so not only were the fall colors spectacular - the weather was gorgeous. I so wish I had had time to poke around Prince Albert, La Ronge and the other areas I spent so much time in this past winter!!

So, I'm back at home now. I still have to be 'good' to my leg for a few more days to prevent any serious complications with it. Luckily my new handler, Brittany, arrives this afternoon!!!


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Anonymous said...

Geez Karen you do know how to come up with wierd 'conditions' Hopefully you are done until next summer !!!