Sunday, 4 September 2011

What Do You Mean a Trade? - Bet

This morning the Musher announced that she found the most wonderful winter handler! 

Her name is Sarah Campbell and she's from the New Zealand place, and as you can see, she's very familiar with the curly tails
©2011 Sarah Campbell
Here she is mushing with her curly tails: Polar, Stig, Lutek, and Indy!

The Musher is very honored to have her come to North Wapiti and care for the Pretty Sled Dogs this winter.  Of course she will need some basic training... first and foremost she'll need to take the mandatory crampy toe massage therapy course.
The toes have been VERY crampy since the Musher went gallivanting off to New Zealand, but she's on her way back even as I type this with my crampy toes.  At first I was happy to hear that she'll be coming back, but then she posted this on the Facebook thing:

"Bet - GREAT NEWS!!! I have arranged with Ray and Diane that you can come out to Irishman Creek for a month or so. You can hang out with Frosty and learn how to be a 'kick butt' 'herding dog'. It'll be sweet - 8200 sheep that will be need shearing soon and then will be lambing. Plus when you get good at bossing the Merino sheep around, you can move up to herding the Angus cattle. Start packing!!!! - The Musher "

8,200 sheepie things?  That's a lot of... sheepie things.  I'll wait until you get home and I'll explain to you just why this isn't going to happen... after you fix me some waffles.

By the way, we haven't forgotten about the Iditarod Insider drawing... we're waiting for the Musher to get home for the drawing, so stay tuned for that, and you still have some time until we announce that we're closing the entries to become an Insider and be eligible for the drawing

- Bet


Bonnie said...

and don't forget to collect the moa bones for the dogs....:)

granimar said...

Ah Gee Bet, I'd love to sign up for the Insider [I always have], but I can't get anyone to send me the promised video from ITC for signing up last year. Everyone passes the responsibility to someone else and they're all too busy. DRAT Now this would be a fun drawing, too.
New Zealand is the only far place on my bucket list, I'd love to see, Maybe you'd find some nice sheepy things if you went down there.