Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Para Sailing

Prior to my New Zealand trip Ray and Diane emailed and asked what type of activities I might like to do while I was in the country. One of the things I readily picked was 'para sailing'. When mentioning plans to a few friends, the odd one looked at me strangely and said 'You really want to do that?' when I said parasailing. I nodded enthusiastically and said "You bet!!!". In fact I had not one minutes doubt until Chris and I were on the boat watching the two folks before us being launched.

At that point I'll admit the thought "What the HELL have I gotten myself into?????" crossed my mind. But really, there was no good way to get out of the experience and save face, so whatever ....forward ho!!!

And seriously, how bad could the experience be with this big smiley face watching over you....

...and this SERIOUSLY cool boat mascot...

So straps were done up, safety talk given, harnesses adjusted and off we went...

I got to say - without a word of a lie...my stomach never even lurched or jumped. The entire experience was fantastic!!!

I was seriously bummed when they started to reel us in at the end of the ride!! I'd do it again in a heartbeat!!!

Thanks for being such a good 'sailing partner' Chris (in case some of you might not recognize Chris - he was our kennel handler for the winter of 08/09).

And HUGE thanks to Tony Turner and 'Rock' and 'Squid' from Queenstown Paraflights !!!!




Anonymous said...

Yep, those "wild" things we do or want to do! NEVER let the opportunity to go by if you think something may be interesting to do. You get too old way too fast.

The pictures are wonderful, it looks so nice.

What's next on your wanna do list :-)


Chris said...

Totally agree Karen a huge thanks to Tony and the guys for the Parra sailing and Jet boating.

As we said that day, it is great to know and hang out with you :-)

looking forward to seeing you all again in winter.