Saturday, 3 September 2011

North Wapiti Week in Review 21 Aug - 3 Sep 2011

Howdy Ho everyone, its your lollygagging Border Collie, Bet, here!

Yes, yes, I know, I know, I've been absent on the interwebs for a while.  Its been a bit hard getting motivated when:

  • The Musher is in New Zealand "working".
  • New levels of Angry Birds Seasons came out, so Musher Mark has hogged all electronic devices.
  • The curly tails are lounging around
  • Cricket is taking a correspondence course on how to win friends and influence wildlife
  • Bait and Tic are out hunting small wild life as a welcome home gift to the Musher (don't tell her the surprise is under her pillow)
  • The Heather Musher Minion went hiking and socializing in the wilds of West Virginia (among other places.
  • The Photo Musher Minion, Donna Q, had a birthday (everyone wish Donna Q a belated happy birthday and send me some cake).
  • The Cartoonist and Helen Handler who smells of cookies were having fun playing in earthquakes and Tropical Storms
So I figured... meh, I'm taking some time off.

So, here's what's been happening on the interwebs for the past week... ish or so while I've been getting a volcanic ash body rub and pedicure:

On 22 August, the Musher arrived safely in New Zealand (because the Old Zealand is boring), and immediately started hassling me with pictures of evil looking (she claims) sheepie things:
First of all, I don't even think this is real.  It looks like its made out of concrete, its not soft and fluffy at all, and those eyes... those beady, icky looking eyes
Don't look into that eye too long or else you will turn to concrete too... evil I tell you!

On 24 August, she tried hooking me up with this guy:
MMMM, I gotta say, he's mighty fine.  His name is Frost, he enjoys herding, poetry, and in his spare time he lifts weights.

On 25 August, the Otago Daily Times printed this article about the Musher that doesn't mention me at all, so don't bother reading it.

On 26 August the Musher taunted me with this picture:
Its clearly a joke.  First of all it would be impossible to get Border Collies to pull a sled unless you had a sheepie thing run in front of the sled... and I'm pretty sure that sheepie things aren't really into running in front of a sled during winter.

On 30 August, the Musher finally came to her senses and posted a picture of REAL sheepie things:
Unfortunately these sheepie things have some sort of elephantiasis of the back limbs, which is probably why they're hanging out in a Bed and Breakfast. 

The best picture of all is from Lake Tekapo:

"This statue was erected to mark the invaluable role that farm dogs had in the development and management of high-country runs in the South Island. The same could be said for all of New Zealand."  Which proves that without Border Collies... humans would still be running after sheep and starving to death.  You can thank me by sending me waffles.

On 31 August, the Musher did this:
All I have to say is that if she tries hooking me up to one of these things when she gets home...

- Bet

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