Friday, 9 September 2011

A Surprise For Me! - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone its me, your soon to be roving Border Collie reporter, Bet, here!

The Musher told me yesterday that I have 2 days until my big surprise, which means my big surprise comes tomorrow!

I love surprises, but a surprise should be a surprise and you don't tell the surprisee that there will be a surprise because then its not really a surprise now is it?  I mean if you humans were throwing a surprise party for someone, you wouldn't say "in two days you'll get a surprise" because then you're expecting SOMETHING in two days and then the only real surprise is that its a party and not... maybe someone hitting you in the face with a pie or something... although a party would be better, but getting hit in the face with a pie would still be a surprise, so I guess what I'm getting at is that sometimes surprises aren't that nice... which has me concerned.

The Musher has said that she is sending me off to the New Zealand place to herd sheepie things, which would definitely be a surprise, but not a good surprise

And the Musher even said something about me herding... gulp... COWS!
That wouldn't be a good surprise either.

You know... I would be happy with getting a pie in the face... I think I'd rather have that... especially if it was banana cream pie, or waffle pie or something nice like that.

- Bet


Susan said...

This is one of the funniest things Bet has written in a while. How you even typed that is a credit to your mind staying on task Bet.
I hope your surprise is a great one...Musher would NEVER give you a bad surprise, would she?

Anonymous said...

Bet did you get your surprise! Is it wonderful? Are you going to share with us?