Friday, 22 June 2012

A Bet Day

With 2 litters of active pups on the ground and all her other kennel/house chores, Bet has been feeling overworked and under appreciated lately (No, I'm not adding my opinions to this....if Bet feels she is overworked and under appreciated - let's just make things easy and assume she is).
For a few weeks I've been trying to make time for a 'Bet Day' in the city, but things just weren't working out.
Today I really needed to run to Edmonton to renew my driver's license. I was actually supposed to renew it before my birthday, but there was that speeding ticket that I forgot to....wait....wait...this entry is about Bet!!!!

So anyway.....Bet and I headed to the city this morning...

We both really like the trails out at Terwillegar Park - they are great for biking and allow off-leash dogs - but had recently heard about Buena Vista and wanted to give those trails a try.

They quickly got Bitty Bet's approval!!!

Lots of the trails in the off-leash area were marked 'no bicycles' but when that happened we were able to find some mountain bike trails to ride.

This raised walkway was a new challenge for Bet...

...but she took it in stride!!!

We stopped at the river to cool off.

I tried to convince Bet to participate in 'dog-like' behaviours with other dogs in the park..

...the idea was greeted with disdain..

Too soon it was time to head back to the SUV in order to get home and get chores done.

We stopped at Starbucks on the way back. I had a latte, Bet a bottle of water, and we split a 'deli box' (she got most of the cheese, I got the apple, crackers and trail mix).

Did you have a good day Bet???

I'm taking that as a 'YES'.

I think she will sleep well tonight!!

=) =)


Tony Torrez said...

Well deserved! Hooray for Bet!

Tony Torrez said...

Well deserved! Hooray for Bet!

Bob Carroll said...

the idea was greeted with disdain..
HILARIOUS! Karen - you really write some funny stuff! Thanks.

Lisa Myers said...

That was a hoot! Just loving the last happy pic of Bet! She is such a cutie!
Sitka's Mom Lisa Cols OH