Thursday, 21 June 2012

Giving The Finger...

This morning when I woke up and started moving around the house the middle finger on my right hand was bothering me. I flexed it a bit and mulled over what I might have done to it. I'm not very 'nice' to my body and have a variety of bumps, bruises, scrapes and strains at any given time. Mostly I can remember when and what I did though.
It took a bit, but then the lightbulb went off - and as is often the case in my life, I have to go back a bit to tell the story.
In fact, this story goes back to 2008.
On the 2008 Iditarod between Rohn and Nikolai I crashed my sled and smashed my finger into a rock on the trail. Because I can occasionally be an idiot, I was wearing a ring. My finger swelled pretty good before I got to the next checkpoint - to the point of dangerous, actually. Thankfully a few of the awesome and creative veterinarians in Nikolai with the aid of diuretics, vet wrap, ice and vaseline were able to get it off for me but I did suffer some nerve damage to the two middle fingers of my hand. Over time the damage has pretty much repaired itself....pretty much....the circulation on those fingers is still somewhat compromised.

This year somewhere during training, battling moose, coastal storms or some such thing I lost feeling in that middle finger. It wasn't sore or swollen or anything like that, just numb. No feeling whatsoever from the knuckle up. I've gotten used to it and really had stopped thinking about it.

So this morning that finger was bothering me.....wait....'bothering' me meant I could actually feel it!!! Yup, three and a half months or so later, feeling is back in my finger. Welcome back digit!!!!

 I'd say I missed you, but really I didn't. I did have nine other 'feeling' digits.

The human body is an amazing thing!!!

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